Tom Pedersen 

Tom P is a semi-retired, chronic technologist with 30+ years of professional experience in computer architecture, software development, infrastructure, IT strategy and related domains.  His interests, knowledge and experiences span a rather wide range of technology areas framed by long-standing interest in new and/or evolving technologies.

Often characterized as a change agent, Tom P enjoys managing the complexities associated with technology evolution.   He encourages the practice of 'Applied Technology' - simply employing common sense and balance when assessing or adopting new technologies - AND - using the right tool for the job.

In spite of spending two decades in technology management and executive positions, Tom P has always managed to find time to tinker with the details – a curious individual, who simply loves taking things apart to see what makes them tick.  He truly enjoys helping people and has stumbled upon TOO MANY in need of assistance when it comes to untangling those technological 'details'.  

Formal Resume is HERE to fill in details ...

Need help with technology?  Drop Tom P a note - particularly interested in opportunities aligned with current areas of focus:

  • Cloud Computing 
  • Technology in Education
  • Security