20% off Promo Codes for Google G Suite

Google G Suite Referrals

Save 20% on your first year of Google G-Suite
I am part of the
Google G Suite referral program
and will get a kickback if you try (& buy) using the referral links on this page.

Google periodically sends promo codes to share with my clients/friends/visitors.  These codes can help save $10/User on the first year of service.

G Suite has worked extremely well for this domain since 2007.  I've also helped bootstrap a number of small businesses using the suite of Cloud services.  It is relatively simple to set up/maintain and provides economical and complete Cloud IT infrastructure including business email, calendars, documents and more.  More info HERE

G Suite Promo Codes

Part of the referral program offers partners a number of 'coupons' which can be passed on to new users to save on the first year of service - $40 / User instead of the normal $50 for the Basic plan.  I offer these to friends/clients, but often have more to share. If you are considering G Suite, please follow these steps to start your trial:

  1. Please review the Google Promotion Terms/Conditions and Redemption Instructions.

  2. G Suite requires a valid Domain - get your domain name HERE, if needed

  3. Fill out the Request Form or email promos@tpedersen.net and I'll send a Promo Code* (IF I have some left!).

  4. Start your G Suite 14-Day Trial using my referral link - http://goo.gl/l0iQau if you haven't already!

  5. Enter your Promo Code during Billing Setup 

    * My Coupons only work in the US, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Brazil or Mexico at this time. 
    Please note country, if you email the request

*** October 2018 Status/Update ***

*** I have 26 US Promo Codes, expiring in 2019. *** *** I may be able to obtain codes for Canada, Brazil, Columbia or Mexico as needed ***

Tom Pedersen,
Oct 20, 2015, 4:29 AM