Cloudinars & Events

This collection of Cloud Computing, Security and Internet of Things (IoT) Webinars and Events will evolve as I stumble upon other public resources.  Please drop me a line if you have links to other (useful and actively maintained) events.

Calendars included in schedule below (Variety of timezones, watch-out!):
  • Misc Cloud Computing Webinars - from spam, alerts or suggestions 
  • Misc Security Webinars - From and others
  • Misc Internet of Things (IoT) Webinars - from spam, alerts and/or suggestions
  • Privacy Related Activities/Events - from  
  • Misc Odds N Ends - Live Webinars that look interesting, typically Techno

Random Collection of Recorded/Archived Webinars



- 11 April 2011 - LearnCental removed - will create separate cal for Education related
- 15 June 2011 - Initial collection of Recorded webinars
- 20 Nov 2012 - First pass cleanup
- 25 Oct 2014 - Added IoT, lots of these now, Dropped @cloudinars (public calendar gone)
- 13 Jan 2014 - Added public calendar from