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Major Cloud Outages

Last Update:  10 January 2021 - Final Update, will not be tracking outages in 2021

A running collection of cloud related outages/incidents (2013-present) with associated news articles and provider responses. Also began noting newsworthy cyberattack outages in late 2016 as more seemed to be popping up in feeds/alerts.

Outages listed may be somewhat spotty/random, simply picked up by various scans, alerts or feeds.  Links to articles and incidents may also break over time, but still may be useful to those evaluating Cloud Service Providers.  Suggestions always welcome!

2020 Outages

Date  Who/What/Where  Service Provider Comments, Notes ....
In Review 3 Biggest Public Cloud Outages of 2020

CRN's Annual:  10 Biggest Cloud Outages of 2020
 I got 2 out of 3 here.  Missed Azure on 3 Mar

Bad year:  6 of 10!  Missed a number of Azure
Missed Azure on 3 Mar AND 24-26 Mar
Missed on 11 Aug
Missed Office 365 on 7 Oct
Nov/Dec misc Cyberattacks: Netgain Hosting, City of Texarkana, KmartCity of Long Beach, EU Medicines Agency (COVID Vaccine Info), FireEye Cybersecurity Hacked(!), SolarWinds was BAD (US Gov)
UVM Health was BAD: - A Month+ of Cleanup, 42 days @ $1.5M/Day?

CISA Emergency Directive

UVM Health CEO Statement
Google (all?) - Article Article Article Article Article Article
Google Tweet, Cause, Widespread, Scary
Amazon - Article Article Article Article Article Article Article
Self-inflicted, Worldwide, affected MANY
Google YouTube - Article Article Article Article  
11/07/2020Oct misc Cyberattacks:  Mass, Mich Schools, More Hospitals in VT, NY & OR + MI & CA Healthcare, UVM Health was bad 
11/05/2020Microsoft Office 365 - Article
11/03/2020Election Related - FL Delays  
10/20/2020Barns & Noble - Article Article Article Article ArticleHacked w/ Data Breach
10/15/2020Garmin - Article
Yes, again!
10/09/2020Adobe Creative Cloud - Article Article Article Article 
10/07/2020Sep/Oct Cyber Attacks:  Schools in FL, CA, SC, CT & NY.  Universities in New Mexico & Newcastle UK
Hospitals in NE, OH,  Germany and 200 UHS Hospitals.  
Plus Ray Ban, Container Line & Washington State Gov, Casino and Global Maritime Regulator
Hospitals, Shipping & schools

UHS Lesson Learned
10/06/2020 PA online voter services - Article Article Article Article Hot topic, briefly affected ballot requests
10/01/2020 Microsoft Office 365 (Again) - Article Article Article Article MS Postmodem.  
09/28/2020 Microsoft Office 365 - Article Article Article Article Article Code updates?
09/28/2020 911 Emergency Services - 14 StatesArticle Article Article SNAFU involving Intrado and Lumen?
09/24/2020 Google Services - Article Article Article Article ArticleServer Crash?
09/15/2020 Microsoft Azure (UK) - Article   
09/08/2020 Google Drive - Article Article Article Article  G suite Dashboard Status
09/01/2020 Misc Cyberattacks - NZ DDoS: NZX, BanksSchools 
08/30/2020 Centurylink BGP/flowspec - Article Article Article Article   Internet-Wide outage, Cloudflare's Analysis
08/25/2020 New Zealand Stock Exchange - Article Article Article Article  Multiple DDoS, multi-day outages
08/24/2020 Zoom - Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Multi-hour/Global outage.  CEO Tweet *bug
08/20/2020 Google G Suite - Article Article Article Article Article Article gmail, docss, drive ... Worldwide
08/17/2020 Canada Revenue Agency - Article Article Article Article Article Thousands Hacked.  COVID Benefits
08/05/2020 Cannon USA Cyberattack - Article Article Article Article Article Ransomware + Stolen Data
08/20/2020 Misc Cyberattacks - City Gov, School District DDoS Ransomware
07/23/2020 Garmin Web Cyberattack - Article Article Article Article Article  Ransomware Outage Explanation/FAQ
07/17/2020 Cloudflare - Article Article Article Article Article Article Article DNS down  - Blog Apology
06/26/2020 Misc Cyberattacks - UK Power Grid, Minn State Senate, Honda Operations, Lion Brewery (AUS), Another Hospital Mostly ransomware
06/25/2020 IBM Cloud - Article Article  Not so rare anymore! - 2nd in June
06/22/2020 T-Mobile - Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Network Outage - not DDoS
06/09/2020 IBM Cloud - Article Article Article  BGP Routing issue
06/03/2020 Apple iCloud - Article Article Article Article Authentication issue
05/18/2020 Microsoft Azure (India) - Article Article Article Article Article 12 Hour Outage
05/17/2020 Zoom - Article Article Article Article Article Article Article High profile/use Cloud app. Tweet Apology
04/21/2020 Github - Article Article Article Article Article Article  Series of outages Feb-Apr.  Work@home?
04/16/2020 Cloudflare - Article Article Article Article Article Article  Maint pulled old cable. CTO blog & apology
03/30/2020 March Cyberattacks - Czech Hospital, MS Warning to  Hospitals, MSC (shipping) Hospitals during COVID-19
03/27/2020 Google Cloud (global) - Article Article Article Article Article Goggle Incident #20004, 14hr Outage
03/17/2020 IBM Cloud - Article Article Dallas Data Center, Cloud Status.  Rare
03/16/2020 US Health & Human Services - Article Article Article Article DDoS Cyberattack
03/15/2020 Microsoft Cloud - Article Article  Xbox, Office, Teams +more.  Post Mortem
02/29/2020 Feb Ransomware Activity - Contra Costra, CA Library System
 Universities: Kentucky SystemOtterbein.  Govt:  Redcar and   Cleveland Borough Council, UK.  Commercial: Toll Group, AU
 Random ransomware hits
02/25/2020 Google Nest - Article Article Google Apology and partial refund offer
02/03/2020 Microsoft 365 Teams Outage - Article Article Article Article  Expired Cert.  3 Hour outage
01/27/2020 Google Docs & Drive Outage - Article Article Article Article  G Suite Status Dashboard event
01/22/2020 Tillamook Oregon Ransomware - Article Article Article Article Tillamook County Update
01/21/2020 Greenville SC Water Cyberattack  - Article  Article Article   Multiweek, few details -
01/23/2020  Amazon AWS (AUS) - Article Article Article   

2019 Outages

Date  Who/What/Where  Service Provider Comments, Notes ....

In Review

Top internet outages of 2019 - ThousandEyes

Strange Cloud Outages that Shook up the Tech World in 2019
 5 of 6.  Missed China Telecom on 5/13
 Caught 6 out of 7.  Missed AWS East in Aug
12/31/2019  More small Ransomware Hits - Nursing Home CSP, Great   Plains Health, Entercom Radio, RavnAir, Cherokee Tribe  More random Ransomware articles 
12/31/2019  TravelEx Ransomware - Article Article Article Article Article  Foreign Exchange
12/19/2019  Synoptek Cloud Provider Ransomware - Article Article Article   Another MSP
12/02/2019  Cyrus Datacenter Ransomware - Article Article Article Article  Affected 6 MSPs.  Cyrus One Statement
11/19/2019  State of Louisiana Cyberattack - Article Article Article Article  Ransomware.  State of Emergency 
11/20/2019  Microsoft 3Recent65 - Article Article Article Article Article  MS365 Tweet - Network Issue.  Global
10/28/2019  Georgia CTY Ransomware - Article Article  Article Article  Large Cyberattack, 15000 sites affected
10/27/2019  TrialWorks Ransomware - Article Article Article Article Article Legal Software - may be interesting. 4+ days
10/22/2019  Amazon AWS DDoS - Article Article Article Article Article    Approx 8hr Cyberattack. Intermittent Errors
10/18/2019  MS 365 & Azure (US) - Article Article Article Article Article  Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) issue
10/16/2019  More small Cyberattacks:   ManufacturerSchoolHospital, 
 Rural Hospitals Hospital,  Utilities, Airport, Tech Company
Worth noting:  Increased cyberattack chatter, mostly small companies/organizations 
09/05/2019  Yahoo Mail EU - Article Article Article Article Article Article  
08/19/2019  Telus email (CA) - Article Article Article Article Article  4 days! Credits to those who lost emails
08/16/2019  Google Enterprise gmail (India) - Article Article Article Article   
08/16/2019  US Customs/Border Protection - Article Article Article Article  US Airport Security hit
08/07/2019  British Airways - Article Article Article Article Article   Not exactly cloud, but noteworthy
07/19/2019  Insynq Ransomware - Article Article Article Article Article  Service Provider's StatementMegacortex
07/17/2019  Georgia Again:  Courts, Henry CTY (A, A), Public Safety (A)  State of Georgia = common target?

Gut Check:   The 10 Biggest Cloud Outages Of 2019 (So Far)

 Rats!  9 out of 10!
 Missed ConnectWise Ransomware May 5

07/11/2019  Twitter - Article Article Article Article   Not exactly 'The Cloud' but big app/network 
07/09/2019  La Porte County (IN) - Article Article Article Article Article  Ryuk Ransomware, US County Gov 
07/04/2019  Apple iCloud - Article Article Article Article Article Article   Lots of cloud services down  
07/03/2019  Google (US East Coast) - Article Article Article Article Article  Physical damage to fiber net - Incident
07/03/2019  Facebook & Friends - Article Article Article Article Article   FB, Instagram, whatsapp - 10+hr
07/02/2019  Cloudflare - Article Article Article Article Article Article Article  Cloudflare againBad Software Deployment
06/28/2019  Slack - Article Article Article Article Article Article Article  Rough Day - Sorry
06/24/2019  Verizon/Cloudflare - Article Article Article Article Article  BGP Route Leak, affected many (aws, fb ...)
06/18/2019  Google Calendar - Article Article Article Article Article Article  Worldwide/multi-hour outage.  Incident
06/04/2019  Apple Services - Article Article Article Article Article   A couple of services:  Apple Store & Music 
06/06/2019  Safe Host BGP EUR Route Leak - Article Article Article  Reroute to China (Again!). Safehost Tweet
06/02/2019  Google Cloud - Article Article Article Article Article Article  Affected A LOT in Eastern US.  4hr Incident
05/17/2019 - Article Article Article Article Article Article   Major Issue - 1st in a loong time!  Incident
05/07/2019  City of Baltimore Ransomware - Article Article Article Article    Also hit in 2018!  12 Days so far! 3 Months!
05/03/2019  Wolters Kluwer Tax Malware - Article Article Article Article  10 Day outage - IRS extensions, Not CRA  
05/02/2019  MS365, Azure +more - Article Article Article Article Article   Azure DNS misstep affected MS services 
04/01/2019  Aerodata (Airlines) - Article Article Article Article Article Article  Not exactly cloud, but noteworthy outage
03/19/2019  Norks Hydro Ransomware - Article Article Article Article   Major Alum producer - Company Blog
03/14/2019  Apple iCloud - Article Article Article Article Article Article  Cause?
03/13/2019  Facebook & Friends - Article Article Article Article Article   Worldwide, Instagram too - Server Config
03/12/2019  Google Cloud Platform - Article Article Article Article Article  Widespread outage - G Suite, Blob Prob?
03/05/2019  US Energy Grid Cyber Event - Article Article Article Article  DoS - California, Wyoming & Utah
02/07/2019  Wells Fargo (US Bank) - Article Article Article Article Article  Multi-Day outage - Apology
01/29/2019  MS Cloud (EUR)  - Article Article Article Article  Authentication probs.  DNS Issue?  
01/24/2019  MS Office 365 (EUR) - Article Article Article Article  Primarily email  Chatter:  Reddit, Redd
01/10/2019  MS Azure (UK) - Article Article Article Article  Azure Storage UK South - @AzureSupport
* Good one 

2018 Outages

Date  Who/What/Where  Service Provider Comments, Notes ....
12/30/2018  US Newspapers Ransomware - Article Article Article Article   Cyberattack.   Ryuk Ransomware
12/27/2018  CenturyLink - Article Article Article Article Article   Bad network board - Twitter Apology
12/24/2018 Cloud Hosting - Article Article Article   Cyberattack, Ryuk Ransomware 
11/21/2018  Amazon AWS (APAC) - Article Article Article Article   Brief. Crypto Exchanges affected most?
11/19/2018  MS Azure (O365) - Article Article Article Article Article Article  MFA failure, users couldn't login
11/12/2018  Google & CloudFlare - Article Article Article Article Article  BGP route leak in Nigeria.  MainOne Notice
11/01/2018  Telstra (AU) - Article Article Article Article Article   2nd outage in a week.  Parolee on the run!
10/30/2018  Microsoft Office365 - Article Article Article Article   Rolled back update
10/30/2018  Telstra (AU) - Article Article Article Article Article Article  Tweeted Apology
10/23/2018  Apple iCloud - Article Article Article Article Article    Quiet?  Hmmm
10/21/2018  Github - Article Article Article Article Article Article Article   Incident Report
10/17/2018  YouTube - Article Article Article Article Article Article Article  1 hr down/Panic!  Apology Tweeted + Credit!
09/25/2018  Cisco Webex - Article Article Article Article Article Article       20 Days of tweetsIncidents & CEO Apology
09/04/2018  MSAzure + O365  - Article Article Article Article Article Article   Severe Weather: MS Detailed Root Cause

CRN:  The 10 Biggest Cloud Outages Of 2018 (So Far)

Mid year Spot Check! I caught 8 out of 10
Missed a 1hr Google Cloud Outage on 2/15 
Also missed Equinix outage on 3/2
08/05/2018  Netgear Arlo Cameras - Article Article Article Article Article   Security Cams.  Apology in here
07/25/2018  COSCO Shipping Lines - Article Article Article Article Article  Ransomware. "Network Breakdown"  
07/20/2018  SingHealth (SG) - Article Article Article Article Article  Cyberattack/Hack
07/17/2018  Google Cloud - Article Article Article Article Article Article  Google Incident #18012.  approx 1hr down
07/16/2018 - Article Article Article Article Article Article   Prime Day rough start
07/12/2018  Mastercard (US & UK) - Article Article Article Article Article   
06/27/2018  Google Home - Article Article Article Article Article Article   Google Fix:  Thanks for Sticking w/ Us!
06/27/2018  Slack - Article Article Article Article Article Article    Details from
06/19/2018    MS Azure (North Europe) - Article Article Article Article  Azure Status History
06/15/2018    Apple Maps - Article Article Article Article Article Article Article  
06/1/2018  Visa (UK & EU) - Article Article Article Article Article Article  "Very rare Component Failure" & Apology
06/1/2018  Amazon AWS US-East - Article Article  
05/21/2018  Telstra Mobile Network (AU) - Article Article Article Article  Nation-wide outage (Australia) - Sorry
05/16/2018  Nest - Article Article   Yale Lock Users literally 'locked-out' 
05/1/2018  Knox County, TN DDoS - Article Article Article Article Article  Election Website hit. Official Cty News Tweet
04/20/2018  TSB Bank (UK) - Article Article Article Article Article  System 'Upgrade' -> Multi-Day outage
04/18/2018  NASDAQ (Nordic outage) - Article Article Article   Fire Suppression issue at DigiPlex (odd)
04/17/2018  US IRS (Tax eFile) - Article Article Article Article Article   Down on THE DAY!  Apology + Extension
04/6/2018  Microsoft Cloud (EU) - Article Article Article Article Article  Europe - Azure AD affected O365 + more
04/2/2018   Latitude Technologies Cyberattack - Article Article Article    US gas pipeline software - insecure SCADA
03/29/2018  iomart (UK) - Article Article Article   Fiber break: Incident,Twitter chatterapology
03/28/2018  Boeing WannaCry - Article Article Article Article Article    Boeing:  Limited impact, Overstated Issue 
03/24/2018  City of Baltimore Ransomware - Article Article Article Article  911 system "Limited Breach" - Official Info?
03/22/2018  City of Atlanta Ransomware - Article Article Article Article 2nd  Mayor's Update, Info PageNew Yorker 
03/12/2018  SmartThings - Article Article Article Article Article Article   Down for hrs, Capacity Issues (no apology)
03/5/2018  Alexa Creepy Laugh - Article Article Article Article Article  Not exactly an outage, but kinda funny 
03/2/2018  Amazon AWS - Article Article Article Article Article Article  US East, reportedly a power outage
03/1/2018  XBox Live - Article Article Article Article Article  Appeared to be partial outage
02/23/2018  BB&T Bank - Article Article Article Article Article Article Article  Malfunction: 4 Day Outage - CEO Apology
02/13/2018  Vocus (AU) - Article Article Article Article   Power Outage in Sydney
02/9/2018   Winter Olympics - Article Article Article Article Article Article  Cyberattack during opening - sad
01/18/2018  Allscripts (Electronic Health Records) - Article Article Article
 Article Article 
 Ransomware, quite a bit of new chatter.
 Affected 180k Physicians, 2.5k hospitals ....

Slack - Article Article
 Incident (w/ Apology) from
Not much chatter, but Slack has been popping up in my alerts often.  
01/1/2018  Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018) - Article Article
 Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article
1+ hr Power Outage - interesting timing.  
* Good one 

2017 Outages  

Date  Who/What/Where  Service Provider Comments, Notes ....

In Review

CRN's annual:  The 10 Biggest Cloud Outages of 2017

ThousandEye's Top 10, posted Jan 2018
Time to check my work....

Dang, 6 out of 10!  I passed on Gitlab on 1/31 & Facebook on 2/24, missed Azure on 3/16.  Not sure AWS 9/14 was really outage

Interesting list here:  DNS Route Leak in April and December + Level 3 Route Leak 
12/28/2017 Jones Memorial Hospital (NY) - Article Article Article Article Cyberattack?  Hospital down for a week+?
picked up a number of alter/articles on this
Incident details via Internet Wayback Machine
(removed from website)
12/6/2017  OVH (Eur) - Article  OVH Incident Details
12/5/2017  Google for Education - Article  Had to post - chromebook classroom fun!
@GoogleForEdu Tweet
 Google's Special HowToFix
11/16/2017  Slack (again?) - Article   Incident Status (and a number of apologies!)
11/15/2017  Google Docs - Article Article Article Article Article Article
 Article Article Article Article Article Article
 G Suite Dashboard Incident w/ apology
 Apparently widespread globally and a couple of hours
11/09/2017      OVH (Eur) - Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Large Cloud Provider, lots of news
- Incident details and apology in French.  Here's an Eng translation attempt
11/3/2017  WhatsApp (Facebook) - Article Article Article Article Article  Apparently significant global outage
11/2/2017  Lloyds Banking Group - Article Article Online Banking Outage
10/31/2017  Slack - Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Quite a bit of chatter about a 'Connectivity Issue' - Incident details and apology on
09/29/2018  Microsoft Azure (Europe) - Article Article Article Article Article Per MS Status History:  Fire Suppression Maintenance caused outage.  MS Apologies
09/18/2017  Microsoft Office 365 - Article Article Article Article MS:  Load Balancer Issue(?)
Outlook email (and friends?) predominantly  Europe outage
09/12/2017  Google G Suite - Article Article Article Article  Biz users gmail, calendar, drive, docs ...
 Canned Apology in Dashboard
09/07/2017    Google Drive - Article Article Article Article Article Article 
 Article Article
2+ Hour outage,  
Google Service Dashboard post w/ Apology
08/19/2017  Fujitsu Cloud (AUS) - Article Article Article   Sounds like a significant outage
 8/28/2017:  Some still recovering 
08/18/2017  US State Dept Email - Article Article Article   Not exactly 'cloud', but evidently newsworthy - lots of chatter.  
08/12/2017  Microsoft Band - Article  A minor blip, but good example of products reliance on the cloud ... down for a week!
MS Band Discontinued?
08/07/2017      Venezuela (various) - Article Article   Cyberattacks - Gov Websites, Mobile networks.  Binary Guardians Group
07/17/2017  Global Switch (UK) - Article Article Article - 7/10 Article  Power Outage, 2 in a week
07/06/2017  Google - Hangouts, Drive, Calendar & more - Article Article
 Apology and details on Status Dashboard 
06/29/2017  Rackspace - Article Article Article Service Status Page
06/28/2017    Apple iCloud Backup - Article Article Article System Status Page 
06/27/2017  "Petya" Ransomware (or wiper) - Article Article Article Article 
 Article Article Article Article Article Article Article

 Affected Companies in the news:  Mondelez International,  
 AP Moller-Maersk, WPPMerckHeritage Valley  HealthNuance and More
Another round of Ransomware, for those who forgot to patch even after WannaCry.  Also utilized NSA's"EternalBlue" exploit  

Lots of press, more companies singled out in news -  even delayed an acquisition
06/24/2017  UK Parliament - Article Article Article Article Article Article  Not necessarily cloud outage, but noteworthy
DDoS Cyberattack.  Amatures?
06/19/2017    Skype (Microsoft) - Article Article Article Article Article Article
 Article Article Article Article
Sing-a-long on Skype Heartbeat
Skype Support Twitter chatter
Unconfirmed DDoS Cyberattack
06/03/2017  Google Home - Article Article Article Article  Sounded like multi-day issue on google home forums - Best Answer @
05/27/2017  British Airways - Article Article Article Article Article Article  Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Not exactly cloud outage, but lots of chatter (and disruption).  Human Error? Power?
Outage cost guestimate:  £80m
05/25/2017    Capita Pay360 (UK) - Article Article Article Article  
05/12/2017  'WannaCry' Ransomware - Article Article Article Article Article
 Article Article Article
Lots of press/chatter, thousands affected worldwide.  WannaCry on Wikipedia
05/10/2017  Microsoft Office 365 - Article  Looked like a small bump via - Twitter Office365Status/status/862396348569706496
04/13/2017    Melbourn IT (AUS) DNS DDoS Attack - Article Article Article  "Today we experienced a large DDoS attack on our DNS servers that disrupted our web hosting (Cloud and cPanel), email platforms, and access to the Console (our customer administration portal). 
03/28/2017  Azure Japan - Article  'Cooling Event" - MS Status Dashboard 
03/21/2017  Microsoft Office 365 -  Article Article Article Article
 Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article
 Service Health Dashboard:  Apparently Authentication issues affecting Skype, Outlook and/or OneDrive services.  Xbox Live too
03/08/2017  ATT 911 Service - Article Article Article Article   
03/02/2017  GoDaddy DNS - Article Article Article  
03/01/2017  Baidu (CN) - Article  
02/28/2017  Amazon AWS - Article Article Article Article Article 
 Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article
 Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article
 Article Article Article Article Article

 Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article
 Article Article Article
Amazon summary (twas a typo!) and apology
4hr outage, lot of chatter.  Resiliency test for many!
Specifically S3 - Many popular sites affected.
Interesting that Amazon Services not affected

LOTS of CHATTER:  Week 2 - articles continue
02/27/2017  HSBC Online Banking (UK) - Article "We're sorry" via Tweet
02/23/2017     Google's OnHub - Article Article Article Article Article 
 Article Article
Mass factory reset of OnHub routers
Google apology and reset instructions
02/08/2017     Instapaper - Article Article Article Down 31 hours + a week to recover?
Appears to scalability - hit the wall (er ceiling!)
Explanation and apology blogged
02/03/2017 Telstra (AU) - Article Article Article  Ongoing Struggle for Telstra (see June 2016).  Even more:  "Your SMS may have gone to another mobile number and not the number you intended to send it to. We apologise for this."
01/30/2017 Google Compute Engine - Article Apology on Cloud Status Dashboard
01/29/2017  Delta Airlines - Article Article Article Article  Delta update and CEO apology
(Trump blames delta for airport delays ... TeeHee)
01/26/2017 IBM SoftLayer - Article Article Planned update gone wrong?
01/22/2017 United Airlines - Article Article Article Article Article Glitch
01/19/2017 SSP Worldwide (Ins) - Article Article Article Article COO Apology (blames upstream providers)
Amazing chronic outages
2 BIG/Multi-Day outages in 2016
01/17/2017 Google Drive - Article Article Article G Suite Incident details & apology
01/11/2017 Lloyds Bank - Article Article Article Article Article Cyberattack DDoS
01/09/2017 MJ Freeway - Article Article Article Not exactly cloud, but interesting Cyberattack.  
ERP for Cannabis Industry.

Some info on &  FB Page 
* Good one

2016 Outages

 Date  Who/What/Where  Service Provider Comments, Notes ....

in Review
Checkpoint's 2017 Predictions 

Zetta Reports on Six of 2016’s Top Data Outages and their Consequences

CRN's 10 Biggest Cloud outages of 2016

Another!  Top Cloud Outages and IT Issues of 2016

And ... The 11 Worst Cloud Outages (Fiascos) of 2016
 2016 in review PLUS predictions for 2017

 Caught 5 of 6 of them this year

 Dang:  9 out of 10 - missed August Nest outage 

 10 for 10 on this one!  They missed Oct Dyn DDos

 Had 10 or the 11 here ... I missed Pokemon Go
12/17/2016  Kiev, Ukraine Power Grid -  Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article
 Cyber Attack Outage
 Affected 60 Substations, 200k Residents

Noteworthy: Dec 2016 Ukraine Grid Cyberattack 
Apparently Linked to Russian Hackers
12/3/2016  Singtel (Singapore) - Article Article  24 Hour outage - Users get 10% off bill
12/2/2016  TalkTalk Internet Services (UK) - Article Article Article  Cyberattack
11/28/2016  Deutsche Telekom - Article Article Article Article Article Article  900k German Household Routers - Cyberattack 
11/24/2016  EU Commission - Article Article Article Article  DDoS 
11/22/2016      MS Outlook/Hotmail - Article  
11/21/2016  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
 Article Cloud Transition
11/14/2016  SSP Worldwide (Insurance) - Article Article  Wow
11/14/2016    Google Big Query Service - Article   Google BigQuery Incident #18022
11/10/2016  SSP Worldwide (Insurance) - Article  Another?!  After BIG one in August.
11/4/2016  Liberia (the country?!) - Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article  Lots of DDoS chatter., but details/extent unconfirmed - similar view from Krebs
11/3/2016  Office 365 - Article  
11/2/2016  Barracuda Email Security Scanning - Article  Caused by "Large number of inbound connections"
10/31/2016  Apple iCloud, Apps & iTunes Stores - Article  Not much, noted on Apple System Status
10/26/2016 - Article Article  Not Malicious Attack according to @govuk on Twitter
10/21/2016 Dyn DDoS Cyberattack - Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article  DYN Statement on 10/21 DDoS Attack
 Hangzhou Xiongmai Device Recall (pr)
10/13/2016 GlobalSign SSL Certs Revoked  - Article  Apologies and Support Links
10/6/2016    Microsoft - Article  
10/3/2016    Apple iTunes/Music/App Stores - Article  
9/26/2016 Vesk (UK) - Article  Apologies and updates @
9/16/2016    Fonality (VoIP) - Article   
9/15/2016 Microsoft Azure - Article Article Article Article  DNS Issue
Google Gmail - Article Article Article Article Article Article
 Goolge App Status Dashboard blow-by-blow
Microsoft Azure - Article
Vesk (UK) - Article
8/23/2016 SSP World Wide (Insurance) - Article Article Article Article Article  10 Day Outage
Not much @
Twitter Chatter 
8/11/2016 Google App Engine (US) - Article Article   Self Inflicted - Incident #16008
 More Details in this Article
8/8/2016 Delta Airlines - Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article  Refunds, waived change fees(!) and more
 CEO Apology - Video
8/2/2016 123-Reg (UK) - Article  
7/27/2016 Petnet - Article Article Article Article  Cloud Based Pet Feeder 
BT Internet (UK) - Article Article Article Article
 Apparently caused by Equinix 
Docker Cloud - Article Article
Scalr Hosting - Article
7/12/2016 Comcast Biz Phone Service - Article Article  Apparently Datacenter Power outage
 Comcast support:  "Reboot your modem" 
Fasthosts (UK) - Article
 4 Day outage
Snapchat (OMG!) - Article
Google Calendar - Article Article  
Office 365 email - Article  Article
6/28/2016 Google Compute - Article  Self-inflicted Bug? 
6/20/2016 CloudFlare (EUR) - Article Article Article  
6/15/2016 Nasuni Cloud Storage - Article   Interesting register article about outage:  Competitor (CTERA) reported outage to press!
6/06/2016 Amazon AWS (AU) - Article Article Article Article Article  Storm related - Amazon explanation HERE
 Interesting Article:  Partners give AWS good score!
 More Interesting:  Bank ATM traffic Riding on AWS?
6/03/2016 Cricket Wireless (US) - Article Article Article  
6/02/2016 Apple Cloud Services - Article Article Article Article Article  Not Much
5/19/2016 Telstra Network (AU) - Article  $50M Injection to avoid repeats
5/16/2016 Lloyds Online banking - Article  
5/10/2016 - Article Article Article Article 
Article Article Article Article Article Article Article
Down for a day WITH DATA LOSS (Yeeesh!)
CEO apology on twitter  
Regrets @
4/25/2016 Lansing Board of Power & Light Ransomware 
Article Article - 5/5 Update STILL Recovering
 Not exactly Cloud outage, but noteworthy trend
4/19/2016 Google OAuth Services - Article Article  Interesting little outage
4/16/2016 123-Reg (UK) VPS Outage Article Article Article 
Whoops!  Deleted hosted sites! Copy of 123-Reg email to customers @ Ongoing recovery @, Lots more chatter on twitter  

Apology and 6 months free hosting HERE
4/11/2016 Google Compute Engine - Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article  Lots-of-chatter for 18 min outage
 Apology + $ credits for GCE & VPN customers *and* an  interesting read if you are into networking.
4/11/2016 Symantec Cloud -  Article Article  Sequence of events w/ Apology 
4/1/2016     Apple iCloud - Article  Seemed like a blip on Apple System Status 
3/28/2016    MedStar Health Ransomware - Article Article Article  Not exactly Cloud outage, but noteworthy - trend?
3/18/2016    Verizon Network - Article Article   Southern California
3/17/2016 Telstra Network (AU) - Article Article AWS Impact  CEO Apology & another free data day
3/2/2016 (Europe) - Article Article   EU2 Storage issue - details posted on Trust Status Page
2/25/2016 Ukraine Power Outage - Article Article Article  Industrial Controls Hack - Power Grid
 US Homeland Security Alert:  IR-ALERT-H-16-056-01
2/25/2016 Google Compute Engine - Article  Incident #16003 (w/ apology)
2/24/2016 XERO (Accounting SaaS) - Article Article Article  Chronology w/ apology
2/22/2016   Office 365 - Article Article  Europe
2/16/2016    Xbox Live - Article   
2/9/2016 Telstra Network - Article Article Article  Apology & Free Data
2/5/2016 MS Visual Studio Online - Article Article  Microsoft Explanation
2/4/2016 - Article Article  
2/4/2016 Apple iTunes, iCloud & App Store - Article Article  
2/2/2016 Virgin Australia (Optus) - Article  
2/2/2016 BT Broadband (UK) - Article  BT Apology
1/26/2016 Google Drive, Docs & friends - Article Article  
1/18/2016 Office 365 - Article Article  Multi-Day 
1/19/2016 Twitter - Article   Incident/Statement
1/14/2016  JetBlue - Article Article Article Article Article  Verizon's Fault
1/14/2016  Xbox Live - Article   Snoop Dogg madd at Bill Gates!
1/9/2016  Nest Smart Home Apps - Article   From  "We’re experiencing a problem  with the Nest web and mobile apps and are investigating  the cause. We’ll have more details soon. Update: This  issue has been resolved 9 January 4:21 PST"
1/5/2016 Linode Security Incident - Article Article  Linode Incident Report
1/4/2016     Sony Play Station Network (PSN) - Article Article Article  Sony Apology & Voucher 
1/4/2016 HSBC Online Banking - Article Article Article Article  Apology

2015 Outages

 Date  Who/What/Where  Service Provider Comments

in Review
Talking Cloud's 7 Biggest Cloud Outages of 2015

Another from ThousandEyes:  Top Internet Outages in 2015 

Interesting analysis of 2015 CSP downtime - based on

 I caught all 7 in 2015!

 6 out of 7 - I missed Tata outage in Feb 2015
12/18/2015 Microsoft Azure & Office 365 - Article  
12/08/2015 Google Cloud - Article Article  SnapChat!  OMG!  Incident 15065
12/03/2015 Microsoft Azure & Office 365 - Article Article Article Article Article  Europe.  Quite a bit of chatter in Azure Status History,  summarized in this Article
12/01/2015 Netgear Ready Cloud  Netgear Notice and Apology
11/30/2015   Google Cloud - Article Article Article Article  Europe.   Incident 15064
11/28/2015 Neiman Marcus - Article  Black Friday
11/28/2015   BestBuy (Cloud?) - Article  Black Friday in Canada?!
11/25/2015 Telecity (Again?!) Article   
11/24/2015   FedEx (Cloud?) - Article   
11/19/2015 Telecity (UK) Article Article Article 
Article Article
11/14/2015 Ebay - Article  Log Entry and Apology
11/08/2015 Angani (Kenya) - Article Article  Angani Explanation & Apology
10/30/2015 PayPal - Article Article  
10/26/2015   Google Container Engine - Article   Incident 15001
10/15/2015   Apple AppStore, iTunes, TV - Article  
10/15/2015 UltraDNS (Netflix+Uber+more)  Article Article Article Article  Nuestar Press Release 
10/11/2014   Southwest Airlines - Article Article  
10/09/2015 Google Docs went down Article Article Article  Notes in App Status Dashboard w/ Apology
9/24/2015 Facebook - Article Article Article  
9/21/2015     Skype - Article Article Article Article  Apology posted in Skype Heartbeat
9/20/2015 Amazon DynamoDB & Others - Article Article Article Article Article AWS Details and Apology
Sort of a "Take a Friend to Lunch" event - some examples:
- Wink (Home Automation) "Upstream Error"
Netflix, Reddit, Tinder and more
9/7/2015 Nest - Thermostats & Dropcams
 Article Article Article
Service Status Page 
8/26/2015 Google Cloud Storage - Article  Incident #16029
8/24/2015 C4L (UK) - Article Article Article  C4L Update & Apology
8/22/2015 Fujitsu - Article Article Article Another Power Outage
8/21/2015 Level 3 Communications - Article Article LA Power Outage
Upstream also affected - LogMeIn
8/14/2015 Google Compute Engine (Europe Lightning Strike) - Article Article Article Article Article  Incident #15056 - Power outage from "four successive lightning strikes"
8/12/2015 CloudFlare - Article  Incident Report on
8/11/2015 Adobe Marketing Cloud - Article  
8/10/2015     Amazon AWS "Slowdown"
Article Article Article Article Article 

 Not listed as outage @
 But ... many notes on services that were marked as 

Service is operating normally

  [RESOLVED] Delayed Instance Status Check metrics in US-EAST-1
8/6/2015 Microsoft Office 365 - Article  
8/2/2015 Interesting Article - 10 Biggest Cloud Outages in 2015 (So Far)  Dang, I only caught 7 of 10 here!
7/21/2015 Apple Music, Store and more  - Article Article Article Article Article  
7/15/2015 MS Office 365 - Article Article Some vender comments in Community chatter 
7/8/2015 United Airlines - Article Article Article  Not exactly Cloud outage, but picked-up and noteworthy

United blames 'Glitch', sent apology letters 
7/8/2015 NYSE - Article Article Article Not exactly Cloud outage, but picked-up and noteworthy

NYSE blames 'Software Release',
7/3/2015 MS Azure (Australia) - Article Article Article Check
7/1/2015 Axcelex + Friends - Article Article Article Another Route Leak!  This time taking Amazon WS along!
Apology from Axcelex
6/29/2015 Amazon WS - Article Take a friend to lunch - Netflix and others affected
6/24/2015 Verizon (phone, TV, net ...) - Article Article  
6/21/2015 Aliyun (Alibaba) - Article Article Article Cable Cut?
6/17/2015 Relevant article from Talking Cloud Article - 7 Worst Cloud Outages of 2015 (So Far) 6 of 7 here!  Yea!
6/17/2014 Google App Engine - Article Incident #15019
6/12/2015 Level 3 Communications - Article Article Article Article Take a bunch of friends to lunch!  
Large Tier 1 ( leaking routes? May 

Likely cause was Telecom Malasia (Apology), but very little from Level 3 who Twittered a picture(?!?) containing outage info @ 
6/9/2015 EasyStreet Email - Article  Switch from gmail to office 365?
6/2/2015 Apple iCloud/iTunes - Article Article Article Article  
6/1/2015 Comcast - Article Article  $5 Credit! from COMCAST!
5/25/2015    Xbox Live - Article  Again
5/20/2015 Apple iCloud - Article Article  
4/25/2015 Starbucks POS - Article Noteworthy - Free Coffee!
4/17/2015 Bloomberg Trading - Article Article Noteworthy
4/8/2015 Microsoft Outlook - Article Article Incident Report
3/11/2015 Apple (Various Services) - Article Article Article Apology/Statement via CNBC
3/9/2015 AVG Cloud Services - Article  
3/10/2015 eNom (DNS) - Article Article  
3/5/2015 Google (various services) -
Article Article Article
Incident #15046
2/19/2015 Google Compute Engine - Article Article Article Incident #15045
2/16/2015 Xbox Live - Article Article  
2/16/2015 Amazon UK - Article Article Article  
1/27/2015 FaceBook - Article Article  Self-inflicted?  Side-effects?
1/21/2015 Xbox Live (Again?) - Article  Yeesh!
1/18/2015 Westpac - Article  Online Banking, kinda rare
1/14/2015 Xbox Live - Article Article  
1/10/2015 Verizon - Article Article Article Article Article Article Article  All in the Plan!  Excuses? No More

2014 Outages

  Date  Who/What/Where  Service Provider Comments, Notes ....

in Review

Top 10 Lists 2014 Outages:
CRN (slideshow):  10 Biggest Cloud Outages
12/19/2014 Playstation - Article Article DDoS says PS Blog.  Offers 10% off!
Had to post (Lots-o Xbox Live outages)
12/22/2014 Rackspace - Article  DDoS - Details on Google+ (where nobody will ever look!)
12/11/2014 Limestone Networks   Discussion Board chatter
12/1/2014 Xbox Live - Article Article  DDoS/hackers
11/26/2014 Amazon CloudFront - Article Article  DNS according to AWS Status page
11/19/2014 Microsoft Azure - Article Article
Article +Xbox Live + VS Online
 MS Tweets,  MS VP Explains  
 Tech postmortem, but apparently late
11/12/2014 DoubleClick - Article Article  
11/3/2014 Comcast X1 - Article Article  Apology - Making it Right
10/14/2014 Google Drive - Article Article  App Status
10/7/2014   Nice Explanation, Response/Apology
9/29/2014 Apple iCloud - Article Article  emailed Apology
9/6/2014 Oracle CRM - Article  
9/5/2014 - Article  
8/25/2014  Mailbox - Article  Tweet
8/18/2014  Microsoft Azure - Article Article Article Article Article  
8/14/2014 Microsoft Visual Studio Online - Article Article    MS Explains
8/12/2014 LastPass - Article  Company Blog
7/2/2014 Dimension Data (AUS) - Article  
6/24/2014 Microsoft Office 365 - Article  MS ExplainsApologyOffers Credits
6/23/2014  Microsoft Lync - Article  Tweet!
6/20/2014 Apple iCloud - Article   
6/17/2014 CodeSpaces - Article Article Article  Hacked out of Business (Archives)
6/4/2014 Google Drive - Article  Status Dashboard w/ Apology
5/28/2014 Joyent - Article Article Article  MortifiedPostmortem + apology
5/23/2014 Rackspace Block Storage - Article  May/June Incidents & apology
5/15/2014 Adobe Creative Cloud - Article Article Article Article Article
Adobe Apologyanother via tweetCompensation? Not Security issue!
5/7/2014 Microsoft Xbox - Article   
5/3/2014 SAP Ariba Network - Article  
4/16/2014     Proofpoint (Security)  Interesting DNS Issue
4/2/2014 Apple iCloud (AU) - Article  No incidents or indicators @ Apple?
4/2/2014  Ellie Mae Cloud Mortgage  Origination - Article Article  CEO Apology & Update (Poss DDoS)
 Press Release - No Breach!
3/28/2014 Egnyte (East Coast) - Article   3/12 Incident another 3/28 Incident 
3/26/2014++ Western Digital My cloud
Week+ Outage - Article Article 
 Service Team Apology - on Special Support page
3/24/2014 UK Parliament Issues - Article
 // no specific outage, just interesting series of articles caught in alerts //
3/20/2014     Hootsuite DDoS - Article  CEO Blog Post
3/17/2014 Google:  Talk Hangouts & Sheets - Article Article Article  Google Talk Service Details
 Google+ Hangouts Details
 Google Sheets Service Details
3/14/2014     Dropbox - Article   Hiccups reported on Twitter
3/11/2014 Microsoft Xbox Live - Article   Game Credits to Affected users?
2/20/2014  Google Apps - Article Article  Google Apology in Status Dashboard
1/24/2014 Google Gmail - Article Article  Google Status Dashboard
 Another VP of Eng Apology
1/10/2014 Dropbox - Article, Article
Tabloid drama/opinions
 VP of Eng Apology ('not a Hack'!)
1/7/2014 Amazon AWS East - Article  Not 'Outage', only Snow or Fiber cut!
 No Blip on

2013 Outages

 Date  Who/What/Where  Service Provider Comments, Notes ....


in Review

Top 10 Lists 2013 Outages:

Neverfail's Infograph
Another from DCK
12/09/2013+ Yahoo Mail - Article Marissa's Apology on tumblr
11/25/2013 - Article See Blog entries
11/21/2013  Microsoft Azure, Office 365, - ArticleArticle MS Status Dashboards Chatter only?
Some Finger pointing (not good)
11/18/2013     YouTube - Article No explanation(?) - Monkey Message 
11/15/2013 - Article Incident on
10/31/2013   Microsoft Azure FTP - Article Azure dashboard chatter 10/29-10/31
10/30/2013 UK's G-Cloud Store - Article G-Cloud blogpost explanation
10/30/2013 Microsoft Azure - Article Azure dashboard chatter 10/29-10/31
10/28/2013 - Article Verizon Terremark - No Comment?
10/8/2013 Apple iCloud/Store - Article No Comment by Apple?
10/4/2013 Comcast X1 - Article Comcast Apology-o-matic on twitter
9/27/2013 LeaseWeb LeaseWeb Blog
9/23/2013 Google Gmail & Docs - Article Google Apology Enterprise Blog Post
9/24/2013 Microsoft Skydrive - Article Incident on
9/13/2013 Amazon AWS - Article Somewhere on
9/12/2013 Phoenixnap - Article Some on
9/3/2013 Intermedia Hosted Ex - Article CEO Apology
8/26/2013 Amazon AWS - Article Somewhere on
8/14/2013 Microsoft Outlook - Article Microsoft Apology on