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Cloud & Platform Service Status

Updated 12 Jan 2018

** This page will be mothballed, possibly one more pass to cleanup/prune links, but no more updates **

Another work-in-process - a collection of publicly accessible Cloud provider/platform/service status dashboards and monitors.  This information may be helpful during evaluation of Cloud Service Providers. Slowly collecting and classifying these, adds/changes/suggestions more than welcome!

Feb 2016 -  Cloud Outage collection moved to separate page - VISIT HERE.  
Jul 2016 - Added App Category to collect Cloud Status mobile apps & similar

Aug 2017 - Jan 2018 Finds/Changes (complete Revision History at end)

Cloud Monitor Mobile Apps

Website/Multiple Cloud Monitors

Who  URL/Info  Notes
 Cedexis Radar Live  
 Outage Analyzer - Documentation HERE
(more of incident dashboard, but interesting nonetheless)
Oct 2014 - May now be Dead-
 Cloud Harmony 
- Monitors and ratings for hundreds of providers/services
- independent/unbiased performance metrics 
- some darn interesting benchmarking tools - Network Test
Live Map of outages around the world
Many tools @

Crowd powered monitor of popular services
 Downdetector    Lots-o-Monitoring

Also tailored versions -
 Uptime Robot     Website Monitoring
 Monitor Us Website Monitoring
 Netcraft Performance     Hoster performance statistics
 Is It Down Right Now
or for short
(Gomez monitor of apps running on several popular CSPs)
Instant Cloud Status Updates From major cloud providers / channels
Stay up to date with the service status from key cloud providers.
 IsItup No info/background 
 BinaryCanary Website Monitor  
 UpTimeRobot 50 Monitors, Checked Every 5 Minutes, Totally Free.  
 SiteUpTime SiteUptime will check your website at 2 minute intervals from 8 different locations across 5 continents.  
 Site24x7 Website Monitoring from a global perspective.Monitor URLs over the internet, intranet, and 3G/4G networks. Perform synthetic web monitoring from various ISP networks and ensure that customers can transact on your website without interruptions.  
 StatusgatorInstant cloud status monitoring

StatusGator monitors the service status pages of nearly 200 cloud services.

Receive alerts when downtime is posted.
Stay informed with a unified status dashboard.
Integrate with your team workflow with popular apps:
 CloudStatusMonitoring the cloud infrastructure

We monitor and alert you when there are events in the cloud that your services depend on.

Amazon, Google, Azure, Monitoring the cloud infrastructure

We monitor and alert you when there are events in the cloud that your services depend on.
 Akamai Realtime Web MonitorREAL-TIME WEB MONITOR

Akamai monitors global Internet conditions around the clock. With this real-time data we identify the global regions target of the greatest web attack traffic, cities with the slowest web connections (latency) and geographic areas with the most web traffic (traffic density).
 Outage.reportInteresting list of outages 

 Office365Mon Monitor SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange and Skype
Monitor email transport and search issues
Email, text and webhook alerts on downtime

See all of the cool features and functionality in Office365Mon by watching our 10 minute highlight reel!

 StatusBeaconReceive incident alerts and maintenance updates for all the online cloud services you use, managed from one convenient dashboard, and delivered to you in whichever format works best for your business.

 Cloud SpectatorPerformance and Pricing Analysis for IaaS Marketplace

Provider Tracking @

Benchmarking @

Webhosting @

 Lots here - Interesting
 Nextgov's ThreatwatchThreatWatch is a snapshot of the data breaches hitting organizations and individuals, globally, on a daily basis.

It is not an authoritative list, since many compromises are never reported or even discovered

Service Status Dashboards

 Legend:   = Historical Info,  = Login Req'd,  = Subscribe,  = Twitter
 Who              URL  Features
 Multiple Cloud/API   
  Zapier  API Status Board @
- Realtime status for hundreds of cloud APIs
- Many alert options (rss, talk, email, sms)
- Nicely done!
 Cloud Storage:  Sync/Backup  
 Dropbox   Dropboxops
 UbuntuOne June 2014
Shut down
 Apple iCloud   
 Google Drive      Alerts 
 MS OneDrive
 Livedrive   Dead?
 Big Guys     
 Apple  Services, Store, iCloud
 Amazon Web Services (AWS)  

 AWS Trusted Advisor Dashboard (informational)

 AWS GovCloud Status

 Marketplace Webservice Health Dashboard
 Google Cloud  Google Cloud Status - Announcement

 Google G Suite (Apps)

 G Suite Security Center - Unified Security Dashboard

 Google App Engine

 Cloud Console for Android - Blog Announcement 

  RSS Alerts 

 Rackspace  Rackspace System

 Rackspace Apps

 Microsoft  Microsoft Live Outlook

 Microsoft Office 365

 Office 365 Assurance Dashboard

 Microsoft Azure 
 Azure Service Heath Dashboard (preview)
 Azure Monitoring Documentation

 Xbox Live

 Intune (mobile device management)




 HP Cloud    RSS
 IBM Cloud  IBM Connections (email, docs, etc)



 RSS  @softlayernotify
 AT&T Cloud Solutions  
 SAP    SAP SuccessFactors - Dashboard FAQ

 SAP Cloud Trust Center - Service Status for SAP Cloud Products
  (for history)
 Adobe  General/Marketing Cloud


 Document Cloud
 OVH Data Center and Server Status

 Network Status

 Service Status

 Ping Test
 Tier 3
 Twilo - See also    
 Facebook (Developers)    RSS email  
 Joyent Alerts 
 Cloudflare (CDN)   @CloudFlareSys
 Host Virtual  
 GoGrid  @gogrid_status
 Opsource  RSS
 LayeredTech  RSS
 BT Global Services  
 Firehost Secure hosting  
 Saavis (CenturyLink)

 Heroku (Wow)   Alerts!
 Laughing Squid Web Hosting  
 Balanced   Nice!  

 OpenAir PSA  
 Mailchimp   @mailchimpstatus
 MODX Cloud   
 Linode Atom
 iWeb    RSS, email
 Rockstar Games  
 Acquia Networks (yeeesh!) Official? - 

Unofficial - iomart Hosting -

Rapidswitch -

Easyspace -

iomart general (seems stale) -

  @iomart NOC
 Yahoo (some)  API Status Dashboard @

Small Business Sys Status @
 LayeredTech   (event log)
 QT Digia    @qtc_NOC
 Pivotal Web Services
 Hootsuite    @hootsuite_help
 Chef (hosted)  
 Mailgun (Rackspace)
 Testudodata!customer-alerts/c1w2s Alerts
 Ariba (SAP)
 Qualys  QualysGuard Shared Platform Status -
Other interesting tools (e.g. OWASP Audit) @

 Boomi (Dell)
 SNT Cloud (UK)  
 GFI Cloud  
 Clever Cloud  
 Limestone Networks   @LimestoneStatus
 Cloud 16  
 Synaq email  
 Appian Cloud
 Blacknight Solutions  
 AVG Cloud Services  
 Digi Device Cloud  
 Binary Lane (hosted) (hosted)  
 Freelance Computers  
 Cumulus Cloud
 Centrify (AU)  
 Catalyst Cloud (NZ)  
 Dimension Data  
 Progress Software  
 Lifesize Cloud (Video Conf)  
 Neustar UltraDNS  
 Sonic Foundry MediaSite   
 Scorm Cloud  
 Safehouse Cloud   
 Twitter (Developers) API Status:

Service Status:
 Nova (AU)  
 Trello New Status Page: 
Previously @ (for older incidents)
 Kaseya Cloud Operations Dashboard @  
 123-Reg (UK)
 Gatenby Services (UK) Track Staff Coffee consumption!
 ArcGIS Cloud Mapping  
 Visma Cloud Accounting 
 WD MyCloud 
 Elastic Cloud  
 Pessidium Cloud 
 TP-Link Cloud Services 
 GOV.UKUK Government services
 Net Registry (AU)  
 Ubiquiti System
Also some interesting Network Monitor Software

DIY Tools & Services 

Who              URL  Notes
 Ideara Cloud MonitorUptime Cloud Monitor provides essential monitoring capabilities, giving you everything you need to identify and react to cloud infrastructure issues – from user experience all the way to the database. Understanding the complex nature of today’s IT infrastructures, we include out-of-the-box and fully customizable dashboards, alerts, and management reports to match the needs of your particular environment

 Lots of Free Tools 
(registration Req'd)
 MicrosoftMicrosoft Office 365 Web Services and APIs 

Whether you want to incorporate the richness of Office 365 data into your app, or create a custom experience within Office 365 itself, or use custom reports to keep your Office 365 Enterprise environment running smoothly, you can use the developer features in Office 365 to achieve your goals."
 O365 API Catalog
 Uptime RobotLots of Developer tools, API's, integrations

Uptime Robot APIs
"Web Hooks"
 Active product, check Blog for new features

Open Source status page system


Cachet is a beautiful open source status page system, used by large household names, airports, schools and businesses.

List your services components
Log incidents
Apply custom CSS to the status page
Markdown support for incident messages
Translated into eleven languages
Cross-database support: MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite
Subscriber notifications via Email
Two factor authentication, with Google Authenticator
 Looks great

 Demo Here

 Integrations Here
 UltraTools "UltraTools is the most comprehensive set of domain, DNS, Email, WHOIS and IP tools brought to you by UltraDNS, the industry leader in DNS management."
 Dotcom-Monitor Network, Server and application Monitoring and Test tools. Test from multiple locations, using multiple browsers, mobile and more...
Lots of performance and test tools
 Pingdom   Website Monitoring and Tools
Monitor one for Free
DNS, page speed, ping/traceroute ... 
 Panopta     Internal/External + Monitoring Network
(Hey! where's status?)
 Stashboard     Open source status dashboard for cloud apps
 DIY Make your own Status page ... in the cloud 

Service Providers using
 DIY (hosted)
 AppDynamics     App Performance Monitoring  Interesting Toolset and services - Dashboards, monitoring, etc see  
 Goolge Cloud Trace *New* Haven't tried  Hosted System Status Pages

Service Providers using
 DIY (hosted) "A Complete Linux & Windows Server Monitoring Solution for Your Business"  
 Exoprise  Interesting set of tools and services  
 Hyperglance     Hyperglance enables users of all levels with the ability to easily visualize, analyze, and securely control relevant IT assets from otherwise disparate, or hard to map, platforms, such as public cloud and private cloud.  
 AWS CloudWatch  Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring service for AWS cloud resources and the applications you run on AWS.  
 Thousandeyes Monitors internal and External Network Performance  
 StatusCast     Build your own application status page  
 New Relic Monitor real-user interactions to identify errors, crashes, and drop-offs in optimal user flows. Analytics
 Site24x7 Quite a few network, developer and validation/reliability test tools @  
 PagerDuty Enterprise-grade incident management that helps orchestrate the ideal response to create better customer, employee, and business value.  
 Server Density Server monitoring that doesn’t suck.

Helping 1000+ customers monitor 80,000+ servers collecting 2+ billion metrics daily

Also:  api, slackbot, mobile apps and Apple TV app
 DataDogMonitoring that tracks your dynamic infrastructure.

Datadog seamlessly aggregates metrics and events across the full devops stack

Features Alters, API, Dashboards ... 
 CloudHealth TechnologiesThe CloudHealth, cloud analytics platform is designed to collect, integrate, consolidate and analyze, the massive amount of data from cloud providers and the data services that organizations use today. We take that data and give customers the ability to develop business models, analyze trends, and report historically and project future trends. 
 LogicMonitorSaaS-based Performance Monitoring Platform

SaaS-based performance monitoring for modern IT infrastructure.  Monitor on-premise, cloud and hybrid datacenters from a single platform
 DynaTraceMonitoring redefined

Every user, every app, everywhere. AI powered, full stack, automated.  
 Keymetrics.ioA complete toolset to harden and monitor your Node.js application2 minutes to integrate, no configuration needed

Keymetrics is built on top of PM2A performance application manager for Node.JS apps
 CA UIM for Cloud Monitoring CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM) for cloud monitoring enables you to proactively and efficiently optimize performance across private or public cloud environments. It’s a comprehensive, unified solution that provides on-premises infrastructure and cloud monitoring through a single view and backend architecture. For customers, this translates into faster mean time to repair and cloud adoption as well as the reduced cost and complexity of managing multiple monitoring tools. 
 LogicMonitor SaaS-based Cloud Monitoring

Monitor AWS with Cloudwatch, VMware, Microsoft Azure, and other cloud services and infrastructure together on the platform built for the world's best IT 
 Zenoss hybrid IT monitoring platformThe Zenoss hybrid IT monitoring platform provides complete visibility into physical, virtual and cloud environments.  
 BMC TrueSight PulseEnsure end user experience from the browser to the backend through real-time monitoring of web applications and infrastructure. See issues your current application and infrastructure monitoring solution is missing. Alert and notify on end user, application and infrastructure metrics every second. Get better visibility to AWS than AWS Cloudwatch provides. 
 Idera Uptime Cloud MonitorUptime Cloud Monitor provides essential monitoring capabilities, giving you everything you need to identify and react to cloud infrastructure issues – from user experience all the way to the database. Understanding the complex nature of today’s IT infrastructures, we include out-of-the-box and fully customizable dashboards, alerts, and management reports to match the needs of your particular environment.
 MonitisMonitor your website and the whole infrastructure behind it
Applications, websites, servers, and more. Mission critical monitoring - FREE or Tailored plans.
 PRTR Monitors from PaesslerPRTG monitors all systems, devices, traffic and applications of your IT infrastructure using these technologies:
  • SNMP: ready to use and custom options
  • WMI and Windows Performance Counters
  • SSH: for Linux/Unix and MacOS systems
  • Flows and Packet Sniffing
  • Ping
  • HTTP requests and push data
  • SQL
  • and many more


Who              URL  Notes
 Find Cloud Providers you can Trust
Good article by Andrew Froehlich on  
 Evolution of a Status Page
 Another good article by Marshall Jones of  
 Cloud App Monitoring for Android
 Interesting list of 4-5 Mobile apps  
 Special  Off Topic A road travel reporting website, that provides users with the most up-to-date road traffic information. Data is updated every 5 minutes using sensors placed on motorways and common A / B roads.  

Internet/Network Status

Who              URL  Notes
Internet Traffic Report    
(Oldie!  Goodie?)  
 Keynote Internet Health  
 AT&T Global IP Network  

Revision History

1 Nov 2012 - Initial random list from searches, drive-by bookmarking & Gartner Public IaaS providers 2012 MQ  
6 Nov 2012 - Stumbled on a few more & added public dashboards for Co's listed on Gartner Managed Hosting 2012 MQ
11 Jan 2013 - Sifted thru Sync/Backup Services on (disappointing - 2 of 10 had service stats)
31 Jan 2013 - Added one more while searching for whitelabel-able storage services - Livedrive
18 Feb 2013 - Catchup/Cleanup bookmarks, promoted cloud harmony to top of list, interesting developments there
7 Mar 2013 - Stumbled upon "13 Cloud Service Providers to watch in 2013" - Impressive, most had dashboards!
13 Mar 3013 - Forgot DocuSign
08 May 2013 - Added Zapier Status Dashboard (good one), AWS Trusted Advisor Dashboard (informational)
04 July 2013 - Some cleanup.  Added Articles and DIY Tools section.  Dashboards for CloudNordic, another from DotCloud, Adobe Creative Cloud, Soundcloud, Laughingsquid, and Balanced
26 Sep 2013 - Added Recent outages section (I pick up many of these with in related alerts), we'll see how these work.  Added, cloud.typography, Acquia, mailchimp, MODXCloud, downrightnow and  Went thru 1-10 of Top 100 Providers, 6 out of 10 had public status/dashboards -  Nothing apparent on Terremark (Verizon), SoftLayers (IBM), SAP or Oracle sites.  Enough for now, this page need a lot of work
11 Nov 2013 - Little page cleanup - still needs much more.  Added Panopta, Netcraft and Downdetector (pretty cool) tools, Status pages for Homestead, Netsuite, Linode, iWeb, workday, leaseweb and rockstar games.  Went though 11-20 of Top 100 Providers - 5 of the 10 reviewed had public status/dashboards.  
11 December - Added Adobe Services, Acquia Cloud, (unofficial)  and a couple of outages - & Microsoft most notably. Reviewed 21-30 of Top 100 Providers - 2 of 10 had public dashboards:,
14 Jan 2014 - Couple of Outages:  Dropbox, Yahoo mail, AWS and best of 2013 articles.  Added dashboard/status links for earthlink, Yahoo SM Biz and API,, LayeredTech.  Stumbled upon Cloudsleuth & AppDynanmics  - general purpose.  Worked through 31-40 of Top 100 Providers -  added 1.
08 Feb 2014 - Picked up one outage (gmail), dropped oldest outages and added article about Mobile Monitoring apps (droid).  Weeded thru 41-50 of Top 100 CSPs, added Cobweb
07 March 2014 - Added QT Digia, MS SkyDrive is now OneDrive and Pivotal WS.   Worked thru 51-60 of Top 100 CSPs, added ZERO!  One Outage - Google AGAIN!
05 April 2014 - Added Hootsuite, Egnyte, Chef, Ellie Mae, netstream.  7 Outages, including Google's monthly entry.  Archived old outages (noodling on how to link into this mess).  Went thru 61-70 of Top 100 CSPs added ONE!  Moved older Outages to historical sub-page
12 May 2014 - Added toolset and cloudsigma, DigitalOcean, Mailgun, BroadSoft, Kickstarter,, Mixturecloud, Gandi, Redislabs, RapidSwitch & Ariba.  Worked through 71-80 of Top 100 CSPs, added 2.   
05 June 2014 - Added Xbox Live, Qualys, Boomi (Dell), SNT Cloud, GFI Cloud.  Outages from Google (drive), Joyent, Adobe and Rackspace.  Older outages rolled off to history
05 October 2014 - Outages - Azure, 
October 2014 - Older outages rolled off to history, quite a few outages picked up (added), Microsoft Azure Dashboard adds 'Personalization', HP Adds RSS Feed, Added LightSpeed, Clevercloud.  Worked through 76-100 of Top 100 CSPs, added CentraStage.
November 2014Older outages rolled off to history.  Added 4 outages, no status dashboards
December 2014 - Outages:  Microsoft (Azure again), Amazon, Rackspace and Limestone - Limestone status page 
February 2015 - Added as very first "Tool of the Month".  Status pages for Cloud16,  Synaq, Appian and Smartthings.  Outages:  Verizon planned outage, XBox Live, Playstation.  Older outages rolled off to history
April 2015 - Outage Analyzer Tool.  2014 Outages moved to Archive.  Outages:  Xbox Live (of course), Amazon UK, Google Compute Engine & Apple.  Added Google Compute Engine status, AVG Cloud Services Status.  Began cleanup by grouping big service providers - MUCH more to do in terms of cleanup

June 2015 - Added SAP, Kaysea, Digi, Google:  Android CloudConsole, Synaq, LIFX, BinaryLane, status,io,, Freelance Computers, Dediserv, cumulus Cloud (private), Centrify,  Curcial (AU) and Catalyst (NZ). Outages:  Outlook, iCloud,  Starbucks, Bloomberg,  iTunes and (of course) XBox Live!A dded Tools: (hosted status pages)

August 2015 - LOTS of outages added (June - Aug 1 basically).  Archived Jan-Feb outages,  Added tool, Exoprise, and Dashboards for Dimensiondata, Prestashop, & Microsoft intune.  Also relevant article on MS Mobile status.  [I know page is a mess, but summers are busy!]
August Interesting Finds
Exoprise Cloud Health Report - "Cloud Performance Trends Measured by the Crowd" - Monitor Servers, URLs and more.  Interesting - Hosted System Status Pages - Create your own!  
Outage Analyzer - Interesting monitor:  "Outage Analyzer displays internet service outages as they occur around the world.
Dotcom-Monitor - VERY Interesting set of network, server and application performance, monitoring and test tools @!  Test from 20+ locations around the world, multiple browsers ... even mobile.

October 2015 - Outages:  AWS (and friends), Skype, Google, Nest, Google, Facebook, e, .  Status pages added:  Skype, Adobe Document Cloud, Progress Software, Lifesizecloud and Nest!  Archived Outages older than 6 months - See the running collection

October Interesting Finds
December 2015
January-February 2016 Changes & Interesting Finds/Tools
April - July 2016 Finds/Changes
Aug - Dec 2016 Finds/Changes 

Jan - Mar 2017 Finds/Changes 

Find of the Month:  CloudStatus (  Not sure how I missed these guys!  VERY nice multi-cloud status dashboard.  Monitors, alerts, nice monthly reports (sample here), histories, integrations and more.April - July 2017 Finds/Changes