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Crestwood GPS Project

* NOTICE: THIS SITE WAS CREATED AS A SANDBOX/PLAY AREA (Converted as a test from WIKISPACES - Relatively easy conversion from wiki to google site page - cut-n-paste for the most part)


 This page was intended to share notes, ideas, project direction/status, etc WHILE learning wikispaces, our ultimate target site: 


  1. Establish a program to expose students to GPS, mapping, et al
  2. Document and Map plots of trees recently planted in Crestwood Woodland area
  3. Create an ongoing school project to record activities in plots

Spring 2010 Project

  • One 4-5 pilot class, map and photograph plots, record tree locations and document on the web (wikispaces)
    • Background presentation on GPS
    • Learn technology - Garmin, Cameras, wikispaces
    • Follow-on Activities for otehr 4-5 classes (GPS exercise or adding Shrubs later in Spring)
  • Seven Plots to be documented: Tree Locations, perimeter map, Tree counts, other?
    • When snow melts
    • Complete by end of school - April/May
    • Each Plot receives wiki page designed to be chronology (e.g. Plot2/2010, Plot2/2011)
  • Establish process/procedure for ongoing (annual?) progress updates - pass to underclassmen?
    • Consider a School-wide teacher project - summer?
    • Review results from Pilot - evolve in future years
    • Learn technology
    • Outdoor Committee will be owners of process, procedures and related artifacts


  1. Keep it simple - simple tools, simple procedures, simple presentation, simple ongoing maintenance, etc
  2. Attempt to create/collect reusable processes along the way - e.g. Generic Garmin Instructions, Wikispaces policies/procedures
  3. Tools should be free (web-based, if possible) - minimally generic to avoid GPS/Computer dependency and/or software installations/maintenance
  4. Web-based procedures - simple/memorable URL/location, no paper(?)

Desired Learning Outcome

Students will ...
Teachers will need to work as a team

Teacher Planning

Time Required for Lessons ...
Materials/Resources ...
Technology Resources ...
Activities/Pre-Activities - See Step-by-Step


 Assess Pilot project and proposed follow-on

Supplemental information, Project Schedule, ToDo's

Leftovers - Still Need to be addressed!
  • [ALL] Review the Prototype Plot Page - add ideas, edit sections, post discussions, think about info that should be maintained/presented WHILE we all learn wikispaces ... we need a GOOD TARGET, current page is STILL from the hip
  • [EU or MP?] - Recruit volunteer from Outdoor Committee to develop intro page - discuss grant, history of the woods, hopes/dreams/future, etc - the pages will be posted HERE -
  • [PP} - Lesson/Presentation on Global Positioning Systems and/or GIS ... recruit a speaker? reuse a powerpoint?, etc - In Process

Week of 2/22

  • [TP] - Wiki Design - Prototype: Outdoor Committee -> Woodlands Project -> GPS Mapping. Placeholders for Birds, Garden, perhaps others - COMPLETED! CLINK HERE!
  • [PP] - Request team access to Crestwood Wiki - COMPLETED!
  • [TP] - Plan/Timeline (This page!) - COMPLETED!
  • [TP] - Request GPS software install - Lab computers - In Process

Week of 3/1

  • [Outdoor Committee] - Recruit writer to introduce project/grant on wiki, invite to weekly meetings or InService
  • [??] - Draft a Data Collection Process for students (e.g. Clipboard, instruction sheet for team, form to fill out?)
  • [PP] - Confirm 3/19 INservice training: Logistics, attendees, Sub-codes, etc - COMPLETED!
  • [PP] - GPS/Garmin: Develop Introduction Training/Walkthrough. - In Process
  • [PP] - Volunteer to help with Intro to Garmin, care/feeding, clear/reset, key features, etc. Complete
  • [??] - Rough out plan for follow-on 2010 activities - mapping shrubbery, kettlepond geocache etc
  • [TP] - Off 3/2-3/8

Week of 3/8

  • [TP] - Test software on Lab PCs - access to web-based tools, learn shared folders, test garmin software
  • [TP or ??] - GPS Plotting Procedures (will rely on Data Collection Process and Garmin Intro from previous week todo!). - Map a plot, upload data to lab PC/Shared folders, etc **Drafted - NEEDS TEST**
  • [TP] Wiki procedures - Create **template pages** for students, process to add data (maps, GPS info, other data from Data Collection Process!)
  • [??] - Draft an Agenda for InService Training day ... e.g. Project overview, GPS Overview, Wiki Overview, Camera Overview(?), PLUS a GPS exercise (either map a plot or geocache to kettle pond) - In Process

Week of 3/15

  • [ALL] - Finalize In-service agenda/training procedures
  • [ALL] - 3/19 - Inservice .5 day - Friday morning

Week of 3/22

  • [TP] - InService aftermath/Lessons Learned, etc - Cleanup procedures, etc
  • [??] - Lesson Plan for Follow-on activities - add shrubs to plot pages, Geocache or ????

Week of 3/29 - OFF - Spring Break

Week of 4/5

  • [??] - Lesson Plan for Follow-on activities - add shrubs to plot pages, Geocache or ????

Week of 4/12

  • [PP] - Schedule 45 minute slot to Introduce class to Project, GPS introduction AND assign students to teams

Week of 4/19 - Earth Week

  • Day 1 (Mon) - Map the Plots (Field work, 45 Min-1 Hour)
  • Day 2 (Tues) - Upload data to PC in normal REACH timeslot (30 min). Project overview during School Earth Day kickoff
  • Day 3 (Wed) - Wiki, pt 1 - Introduction, how to present DATA as INFORMATION (30 mins - in PC Lab)
  • Day 4 (Thurs) - Wiki pt 2 - Time for teams to cleanup/decorate wiki's and plan brief show and tell (30 Mins in PC Lab)
  • Day 5 (Fri) - Team Presentations in Class Room (45 mins-1hr) Projector


  • Pass over to outdoor committee
  • More here ...

Link Collection

Test maps**

All New Trees (Eldon's Collection)

- See Eldon data in Google Earth - by clicking HERE
- Same data, presented in Google Maps Maps

Neighborhood test (Generated using Garmin Utility, Picasa and gpsvizualizer)

gMap: - doubt this will work
gEarth: - gEarth?

Target map

Test Map HOWTOs

Loading GPS (Garmin) to Wiki for mapping or Archives

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