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(Contents converted - cut 'n paste - from wikispaces)

Step By Steps - Draft 1

Will build entire process here on a wiki - day-by-day, step-by-step and test on unsuspecting team members

Preliminaries (1 hour?)

Goal:  Present Project Overview - Briefing on wiki, team assignments, equipment distribution, GPS & Camera Training)

  1. Form x teams, minimally 4/Team:
    • Scribe: Responsible for Data Collection worksheet
    • Webmeister/Technician: Responsible for equipment, documentation and troubleshooting
    • Photographer: Takes Pictures
    • Navigator: GPS Operator, responsible for tracks and waypoints
  2. GPS Overview Presentation - NEEDS TO BE DONE - LINK
  3. Hand out and review Data Collection worksheets - NEEDS TO BE DONE - LINK
  4. Training: Garmin basics - Tour (buttons, etc), Demo: How to reset, How to mark a waypoint, How to record a Track - NEEDS TO BE DONE - LINK
  5. Training: Camera basics - Tour (buttons. menu, etc), Demo: How to reset/delete all pics, how to set to web resolution (640x480) -NEEDS TO BE DONE - LINK
  6. Training: Google Apps basics - Tour (site, menu, editor), Demo: How to create/edit a page, how to add a picture/file - NEEDS TO BE DONE - LINK
  7. Other prep work: handouts, signs on lab computers, signs (starting points) in plots, etc

Day 1 - Map the Plots (Field work, 45 Min-1 Hour)

(Assumes GPS/camera training is complete)

Goal - Data Collection - Map a Woodland Plot, record observations, capture key photographs

  1. Navigator & Scribe: Reset GPS and build a 'Track' around perimeter of Plot and SAVE IT:
    • Position to designated Start Position (We need a sign?)
    • Turn on Garmin (lower right Power/Backlight button), press again for brightness
    • Press upper right Page Key until "Main Menu" appears
    • Use Enter/Rocker key (on front panel) to select "Trip Computer" ICON and press Enter
    • Press lower left Menu/Find key, "Menu" dialog should appear
    • Highlight "Reset"using Enter/Rocker Key and press Enter to select
    • Use Enter/Rocker to Highlight "Select All" in "Reset" menu and press Enter
    • Highlight "Apply" button and press Enter to fully reset the GPS unit
    • Slowly walk perimeter of the plot, returning to the designated Start Position
    • Press upper right Page Key until "Main Menu" appears
    • Highlight "Tracks" using Rocker and select (press Enter)
    • Highlight and select "Save" button, answer "Yes" to pop-up (" the entire track?")
    • Scribe: Record Saved Track Name (e.g. 01-APR-10) in Data Collection Worksheet
    • Scribe: Log any observations noted during mapping exercise
    • Using Rocker/Enter key, press "OK" button to return to "Saved Track" Menu
  2. Navigator & Scribe: Record position (waypoint) for each new tree
    • Press upper right Page key until "Main Menu" appears
    • Repeat for each sapling tube (Get them all)
      • Highlight "Mark" ICON and select by pressing Rocker/Enter key
      • Position eTrex over sapling tube and "Mark" Waypoint (press Enter)
      • Scribe: Record Waypoint #, sapling tube number, any observations (other stuff?) in Data Collection Worksheet
    • Scribe: Log any general observations noted during sapling marking
  3. Photographer: Take pics (of what? Tree tubes? Main Sign?)
    • Take a picture of the main Plot Sign
    • Take a picture of any unique or noteworthy features of the plot
    • Take a wide angle picture or two of the entire plot
    • Record additional pictures per recommendations from Scribe or GPS Operator
  4. Webmeister: Troubleshoot, manage Documentation and Equipment
    • Oversee all Data Collection: Ensure worksheet is complete
    • Collect and power-off all equipment, stow in designated area or container
    • Maintain pocket guides for camera and GPS - troubleshoot/resolve issues as needed
    • Have teacher/aid review/approve electronics and Data Collection worksheet

Day 2 (Tues) - Upload data to PC in normal REACH timeslot (30 min)

Goal - Upload collected data from GPS Units and Camera, save in Shared folders in PC Lab, validate that data was captured correctly.

GPS Data - Use Lab Computers marked "Garmin"

(Webmeister and Navigator - Temp Procedure in RED for Inservice training using old TPed Computer - PP, please make sure Google Earth was installed on that PC - INSTALL HERE)

  1. Attach GPS Unit to USB cable on Lab Computer
  2. Open Garmin Mapsource Application (a Globe Icon on the desktop)
  3. In Mapsource application, select "Transfer" in top menu, then "Receive From Device" in pull-down
  4. Press "Find Device" in "Receive From Device" pop-up menu ('eTrex Summit HC" should appear)
  5. Check ONLY "Waypoints" and "Tracks" check boxes, press "Receive" button - (need a pic?)
  6. Select the "Tracks" tab in Mapsource to review recorded tracks
  7. Delete (right mouse, "Delete Track") all tracks except Perimeter recorded in step X of worksheet
  8. Review Track and Waypoint collection with Instructor or Lab Assistant
  9. Save GPS information to shared folder on Lab PC:
    • Select "File" in Mapsouce top menu and select "Save As" in pull-down
    • Select S:\shared\gpsproject folder Desktop in "Save As" Submenu (need details in lab)
    • Enter <Groupname-plot> in "File Name" field and "GPS Exchange format (GPX) in "Save as Type" pull-down - then press "Save" Button
  10. Close the Mapsource Application ("File".."exit" or simply close the window)
  11. Transform GPX file to google earth/map format:
    • Go to & "Browse" to GPX file saved in step 9 above
    • Select "Google Earth" in "output format" pull-down and press "Go"
    • Right Click on the resultant file (name will look similar to this: 1268188100-22223- and Select "Save LINK as" option
    • Select S:\shared\gpsproject folder Desktop in "Save As" Submenu and add ".kmz" to end of file name (important) and press "SAVE"
    • Click on the Google Earth file name (e.g. 1268188100-22223- to see your Plot on Google Earth

Plot Pictures - Use Lab Computers labeled "Camera"

  1. Follow Instructions provided in "Outdoor Education Camera Training" handout - name ALL photos <Groupname-plot-nn> where nn=photo number
  2. Photos should be S:\shared\gpsproject folder Desktop folder (need details in lab)
  3. Collectively review group photos - choose 5 images (max) for plot website

Day 3 (Wed) - Wiki, pt 1 - Introduction, how to present DATA as INFORMATION
(30 mins - in PC Lab)

  1. Using Firefox Browser on Lab PC Desktop, go to
  2. Sign In (Upper Right corner) using credentials (User/Password) provided by Teacher/Aid
  3. Create a new wiki page:
    • Click on "New Page" in upper left of navigation column
    • Enter Plot Name from data collection worksheet in "Page Name: Field
    • Select "Plot" from pull-down in "Use a Template" field
    • Add logical "Tags" to help classify this page on the internet - please use "xxx Plot, xxx Forest" on ALL pages, but feel free to add others that your team feels will help describe/classify your plot
    • Press "Create" button
  4. Your Team's Plot page will be created and displayed - Please note: the page has not been SAVED at this point - if you close the browser or navigate away from the Plot page, you will have to repeat step 3 above.
  5. Update ONLY THE FOLLOWING Red/Italicized areas at this time:
    1. Plot title - VERY top line
    2. Team Log Entries - record any observations gathered during field work
    3. Tree Statistics - of the page using the Data Collection worksheet and SAVE the page. We will revisit

Day 4 (Thurs)- Wiki pt 2 Team Time - cleanup/decorate wiki, plan show-n-tell
(30 Mins in Lab)

  1. Students need guidelines for presentation
  2. Students should be encouraged to personalize/decorate

Day 5 (Fri) - Team Presentations in Class Room (45 mins-1hr) Projector Needed

  1. We recap the project - a PILOT
  2. Each Team will Present Plot Pages - Discuss log, photo gallery AND the project experiences/struggles (this is a Pilot ... struggles/issues with GPS, Cameras, Lab or wiki will be collected to be addressed before next round (shrubberies)
  3. COLLABORATION - Students, Outdoor Committee members, Teachers and Advisers will collectively review (Proof) the Plot pages - watching for grammar, spelling, and appropriateness for public presentation (on the internet: are we proud of our work? will outsiders find the information useful? Will other classes be able to grow/evolve our works? Etc
  4. Presenter will attend to any changes in real time - correct type-o's, etc