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More to come on this one, but here's a start

Grandbaby's First PI - designed to evolve as she does WHILE refreshing grandpa's programming skills!  Built using a PI 2 in a cottage-style lego block case.  Lego case will hopefully facilitate this 'evolution'

Version 1 - A little device that that plays stream music so mom and dad can pipe lullabies into the nursery
Version 2 - Added a button and lights because she is figuring out how to use her fingers (python + solder!)
Version 3 - I have a touchscreen, but not sure what it will look like or do yet

I'll retrace my steps and provide a recipe when I get the chance ... in meantime here's overview of project

Project CutiePI

CutiePI V2 in action

CutiePI V2

Components used*


USB-Powered Speakers:  

I had some laying around the shop, 

Lots of options, pretty cheap on Amazon



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