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GramPI: RPI XP Look-a-Like

Last update:  09/21/2017

*This project is IN PROCESS.  Page is probably a mess*

Goal:  to replace a bunch of aged Windoze XP machines for elderly friends and family

Rational - Simplify managing computers for my older friends (80+ years old).  Limited use, used to things the way they are, not interested in spending a bunch of money or changing the way they do things.  Will attempt to make a PI look and function like their current machines. 


Stuff I bought or had on hand
Possible solutions to power on/off button 

  • eMail w/ familiar look-n-feel (Thunderbird today) 
    • address book import!!
  • Office
    • LibraOffice
  • Browser to look/work like Firefox
    • Videos
    • Facebook
    • News
  • games
    • Spider Solitaire
    • Solitaire
    • snood
    • Blocks19
  • Video Chat with great grand kids
Stuff to figure out
- No power button on RPI
- Games are important - snood running under wine?
- One 'client' likes to listen to music (audio cd's) - sound card?  usb cd/dvd?
- Windows apps via wine to test
    - PC games: Snood & Blocks
- Garmin maps updater  
- PI hardening and security 
- DPMS/Powersavings
- Printers
    - HP for G&G
    - Lexmark for Fr Don
    - Epson Artisan 837 for Sister G

  1. <coming soon>

- Cleanup -
- Gmail imap - gmail 


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