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OccuPi - Remote Controlled Full Screen Kiosk-Like thingy

Last update:  09 October 2020
Original 15 September 2020

VERY EARLY Stages, this page will be a mess as I stumble thru this ...

The Goal is to build a little Pi that will connect to my parents TV to allow me to share (project) videos, web pages and such.  Will be used during COVID-19 to keep them occupied over the winter months.  More to come as this idea develops.

09 Oct:  Struggling to find OS fast enough to use Google Streetview in Full Screen or Kiosk mode on a Raspberry Pi 3.  It appears that I MUST run Chromium browser to pull this off.  Have tried Arch, Dietpi and Raspbian lite.  On to Chromium OS.  Also created subordinate startpage to simplify testing ... we may end up with a simple webpage providing links to all activities,  

25 Sept:  General concept works very well, even had an old gyration remote control working with it.  RaspOS was painfully slow on the RPi3.  Switching to LXDE desktop from Dietpi to see how that runs.  Dietpi has been my goto for servers, really haven't played with desktop. 

Dietpi/Chromium kiosk is pretty slow.  Friggin streetview map is upside down too!  Added a startpage to facilitate adding activities/features without connecting to or messing with OccuPi system

- Bigscreen Project -
- Chromium OS - Image to try quickly here -
- Chromium remote desktop -


- Stock RaspOS - Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) with desktop to start
- Switching to Rspbian via Dietpi

- RPi 3 
- 16g 

Dietpi Setup Notes
  • Diepi-config ... minimal work here, let software packages tweak as needed
    • Language/Regional:  en_US.UTF-8, set TZ and US Keyboard
    • Security:  Set Hostname
    • Autostart:  Try Chromium under browser kiosk! - NOT YET!
  • dietpi-software
    • [X} Chromium: web browser for desktop or autostart
    • [X] RealVNC Server: desktop for remote connection  
    • [X] (Weaved) access your device over the internet
  • NOW back to diet-pi-config
    • Autostart: Chromium under browser kiosk!

----------- RaspOS aborted for now - Save in case I fallback -----------
Steps (raspos)
  • Etcher 
  • New RaspOS (or whatever) resizes & does a GUI setup on first boot
    • Set Language, Timezone and keyboard
    • Forces user pi password change
    • Screen Setup - gets rid of boarder
    • WiFi Connect (if needed)
    • Software Update - But .... "Error Comparing Versions" - Nice try!
    • <Attempted reboot ... but I wasnt read!>
    • Via Terminal - sudo raspi-config
      • Boot Options
        • Desktop w/ Autologin Pi
        • Wait for Network
        • Graphical Splash Screen
      • Interfacing Options
        • SSH Enable (for remote me!)
        • VNC Enabled (for remote me!)
    • Couple of Installs
      • Joe - my editor of choice -> sudo apt-get install joe
      • - Remote Control software (nice)  
        • sudo apt-get install remoteit (to install)
        • http://occupi.local:29999 (to config - sooo nice!)
    • Now Attempt Full Screen Browser ...
      • Finally learning to follow directions!
        sudo apt-get update -y 
        sudo apt-get upgrade -y 
        sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y 
        sudo apt-get autoremove -y
      • Install Dependencies
        sudo apt-get install -y ttf-mscorefonts-installer unclutter x11-xserver-utils

        According to guide:
         adds common web fonts
        unclutter is used to hide the mouse cursor
        x11-xserver-utils installs xset, which is used to disable screen blanking

      • Install Dependencies
        sudo apt-get install -y ttf-mscorefonts-installer unclutter x11-xserver-utils