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An updated collection of business planning Google Docs & templates.   Current collection includes Google Doc versions of MS Office templates from US Small Business Administration,, and a number of interesting business planning resource sites.   Hopefully useful to others, Comments/suggestions always welcomeRevision history and conversion notes/experience can be found HERE.

You will need a google account to access/use the docs, sheets and templates on this page.  Login with your gmail or G Suite credentials.  

Most of the gdoc templates on this page are 'View Only' - to use:  please create a copy (Menu -> File -> Make a copy ...) and save to your own google drive.  Please DO NOT 'Request Access' to the templates.

My original collection (circa 2011) from and (useful book, btw).  
 Google Doc Template  Description (original format)    
 SBA_BizPlan_Template.gdoc  Simple Business Plan Template from old SBA Generator (MS Word doc)
 SBA_form_finasst_incomestmt.gdoc  SBA Income Statement (MS Excel spreadsheet)
 SBA_010150 (Balance Sheet).gdoc  SBA Balance Sheet (MS Excel spreadsheet)
 SBA_finasst_cshflstmt.gdoc  SBA Cash Flow Budget Worksheet (MS Excel spreadsheet)
 Business Model Canvas.gdoc  Simple Business Model Canvas Spreadsheet based on PDF from  Now
More SBA forms, guidance, templates @

Entries from old/defunct Google Drive Public Template Gallery (Click "Use Template" in upper right) 
  Google Doc Template Source/Original Description from Gallery 
  Business Model Canvas Template Google Drawing template, works very well.  Canvas home:  

 Drawings Template - Business Model Canvas By Ian Broom
Rating: 4.86 out of 5

A highly usable business model canvas with sticky notes based on and extended by: 1. grouping items so they are easier to drag around 2. adding text boxes so that you can type on the canvas, name, date, etc areas, or use sticky notes (they are quite large) - just double click on the sticky note or on a section of the canvas to add text 3. added text boxes to the sticky notes and reduced their size - drag then press 'ctrl' when you release to duplicate a sticky note 4. Added tips on how to use the sticky notes - delete them once you've read them 5. Tweaked the font sizes

Preview - Browse defunct template gallery

 Idea Sketch Pad  Check out latest version @

Drawings Idea Sketch Pad - DIY Innovation Toolkit (TM) By Alex Bruton
 Rating: 4.86 out of 5

This is the online collaborative version of the Really Big Value Idea Sketch Pad found here: The focus of this tool is on idea generation. It uses Google Drawing tools to allow collaboration and sharing between many business model designers.

Current Google Doc Public Template Gallery @

From Business Planning & Financial Statements Template Gallery (there are many more)
 Google Doc Template SCORE link (original format)    
SCORE-Deluxe-Startup-Business-Plan-Template.gdoc Business Plan Template for a Startup Business  (MS Word Doc)  
SCORE-OnDeck-Business-Plan-Template-Existing-Business.gdoc Business Plan Template for Established Business
(MS Word Doc) 
SCORE-S4-Financial-Projections-Spreadsheet-June2018Rev.gdoc Financial Projections Spreadsheet (Big!)
(MS Excel Workbook)
SCORE-Annual_Marketing_Budget.gdoc Annual Marketing Budget Spreadsheet
(MS Excel Sheet) 
SCORE-Sales_Forecast_1yr.gdoc One Year Sales Forecast 
(MS Excel Sheet)
SCORE-Start-Up-Expenses.gdoc Start-Up Expenses
(MS Excel Sheet)
SCORE-Opening-Day-Balance-Sheet.gdoc Opening Day Balance Sheet
(MS Excel Sheet)
SCORE-Profit_and_Loss_Projection_1yr.gdoc 12-Month Profit and Loss Projection 
(MS Excel Sheet)
SCORE-Profit_Projection_3Yr.gdoc 3-Year Profit and Loss Projection 
(MS Excel Sheet)
SCORE-12-Month-Cash-Flow.gdoc 12 Month Cash Flow Statement 
(MS Excel Sheet)
SCORE-3-Year_Cash_Flow_Projections.gdoc 3-Year Cash Flow Statement 
(MS Excel Sheet)
SCORE-Balance-Sheet.gdoc Balance Sheet Template 
(MS Excel Sheet)
SCORE-Breakeven_Analysis.gdoc Break-Even Analysis Template 
(MS Excel Sheet)
SCORE-SBAMONTHLYCASHFLOWSHEET.gdoc Monthly Cash Flow - SBA Form 1100 (3-93) 
(MS Excel Sheet)

From - Australian Government's Department of Industry, Innovation & Science.  Great Info here!
 Google Doc Template (A4 paper) link (original format - A4 paper)    
Business plan template.gdoc Business Plan Template
(MS Word Docx)        
Business plan guide doc.pdf  PDF'd version of Business Plan Template Guide
(MS Word Docx)
Marketing plan template and guide.gdoc Marketing Plan Template and Guide
(MS Wod DocX)
Emergency management and recovery plan template.gdoc Emergency Management Template and Guide
(MS Word Docx)
Emergency management and recovery plan guide.pdf Emergency Management Guide
(MS Word Docx)
Prepare your business checklist DOC.pdf Emergency Management Business Checklist
(MS Word Doc)
Take action checklist DOC.pdf Emergency Management Take Action Checklist
(MS Word Doc)
Business recovery checklist DOC.pdf Emergency Management Business Recovery Checklist
(MS Word Doc
Social media plan template and guide.gdoc Social Media Plan Template and Guide
(MS Word Docx
Succession plan template and guide.gdoc Succession Plan Template and Guide
(MS Word Docx)
More Interesting Checklists - posted in PDF format  Starting Your Business Checklist

Growing Your Business Checklist

Checklist Companion Guide

 Google Docs "General" Template Gallery  Check new official gdoc gallery, seems to be growing
 Business Plan Template - English  From  Nice (33p) general purpose template
 Lots of Free Biz related Google Doc/Sheet Templates  From Smartsheet.comInteresting product
 Business Plan Template (little lighter, 8 page template)  From's Templates
 <more as I stumble upon them>  
Here's my Business Planning Drive folder - may contain other works-in-process, "to be posted", etc ... 

Business Planning Google Docs

That's it for now ... hope it helps