Biz Planning Templates Revision History & Notes

Last Update:  18 Feb 2019

A chronicle of changes to the Business Planning Google Doc Collection PLUS a few notes/observations from attempts to convert various templates to Google Doc/Sheets.

Page Revision History

Feb 2018

Nov/Dec 2018
Conversion Experiences/Notes
  • Microsoft Word Doc viewer was replaced by free access to Office Online for users of OneDrive or Dropbox - same for Excel Viewer.  Works VERY well - even via Linux desktops.  Appears to be full featured Word, Excel & Powerpoint!  If you are a OneDrive or Dropbox user this may be best way to work with complex MS Word templates.  MS has also maintained a large collection of nice/free Office Templates @  

  • Have not found a way to mix landscape & portrait mode pages in a single google doc.  MS Word, LibraOffice and others provide Section Break formatting options to provide this feature.  I have been reformatting wide tables by changing orientation of the entire gdoc (page setup) to landscape, shrinking columns to fit in Portrait, then setting page setup back to portrait ... Yeesh!  This one was requested a looong time ago to a google support org far far away.

  • Google doc Table of Contents has pretty limited formatting options, but can be edited.  Existing TOC formats occasionally look OK when a MS Word doc is converted to gdoc, but in most cases TOC will require manual formatting/editing.  There are a number of TOC-related topics in google support forums - adding dots to TOC has been popular request for years!

  • Fonts seem a tad hit-or-miss when MS docs are converted by google docs.  Supposedly, gdocs uses web-based fonts as opposed to fonts locally installed ... BUT ... I get a different list of fonts when I use different machines (mac vs Linux, for example).   I decided to not mess with font differences for now.   I may revisit this in the future, but for now converted template fonts will be set to whatever gdocs converts them to!

  • Embedded WordArt occasionally gets messed-up when doc/x files are imported/converted by google docs.  When they look odd, select/copy object from original word doc and paste into gdoc ... seems to work - go figure!

  • MS Word Headers and Footers occasionally disappear when doc file is converted to gdoc.  

  • No obvious way to restart page numbering in google docs.  Some of the guide/template combinations that were converted used this MS Word capability and probably have goofed upped page numbers