Business Planning Google Doc Collection v1

posted Jun 15, 2012, 5:26 AM by Tom Pedersen   [ updated Dec 4, 2017, 11:20 AM ]
I've been building a collection of business planning templates for a couple of clients and buddies - decided to publish here to simplify the process (and play with public Google Docs).  The initial collection contains Google Doc versions of a number of templates from US Small Business Administration ( ) and (useful book, btw).  

 Google Doc Template (preview)   Description      Original (some lost)
 sba_010150 (Balance Sheet).gdoc  SBA Balance Sheet  SBA Spreadsheet (xlt)
 form_finasst_incomestmt.gdoc  SBA Income Statement SBA Spreadsheet (xlt)
 form_finasst_cshflstmt.gdoc  SBA Cash Flow Budget Worksheet SBA Spreadsheet (xlt)
 SBABizPlanTemplate.gdoc  SBA Business Plan Template SBA generator
 The Business Model Canvas.gdoc  Simple Canvas Spreadsheet based on PDF  from  PDF

November 2017 Update - Long/Fun summer, haven't gotten around to page cleanup or template re-post .... but ... here are a few links to biz planning templates I've stumbled upon ... many seem reasonable:
Hopefully a useful start ... I'll have more time on my hands this winter, will attempt to cleanup the page/collection

Feb 2017 Update - One more - Templates on this page will likely break again on 9 March 2017 when google shuts down their Public Template Gallery.   Many of my templates were in need of refresh anyhoo.  I will play with new templates and hopefully repost in future.

Nov 2015 Update - VERY sorry about all the broken links on this page - apparently many changes since 2012! Hopefully fixed but please drop me a line if you see something or need help. I also plan to run through business planning templates published by and the new collection on's (8A) Business Development area to see what may be useful to Google Apps users and repost.

There are a number of related public templates in the Google Docs Template Gallery already.  The gallery is a tad messy and unwieldy, but here are a couple of tools we've found useful.

Drawings Idea Sketch Pad - DIY Innovation Toolkit (TM) By Alex Bruton

This is the online collaborative version of the Really Big Value Idea Sketch Pad found here: The focus of this tool is on idea generation. It uses Google Drawing tools to allow collaboration and sharing between many business model designers.

Drawings Template - Business Model Canvas By Ian Broom
Rating: 4.86 out of 5 This one is NICE

A highly usable business model canvas with sticky notes based on and extended by: 1. grouping items so they are easier to drag around 2. adding text boxes so that you can type on the canvas, name, date, etc areas, or use sticky notes (they are quite large) - just double click on the sticky note or on a section of the canvas to add text 3. added text boxes to the sticky notes and reduced their size - drag then press 'ctrl' when you release to duplicate a sticky note 4. Added tips on how to use the sticky notes - delete them once you've read them 5. Tweaked the font sizes

As always feel free to drop a note with suggestions, corrections or additions 

Google Notes 
1) It is STILL AMAZINGLY difficult to quickly publish a google doc collection list on a google site page!  
2) Also unbelievably difficult to simply share a copy of a google doc!
3) Viewing embedded entries from the public gdocs template gallery is very flakey 
4) QA issues at Google are becoming more apparent - all products!