dIy: PC Remote Access

posted Nov 11, 2011, 9:26 AM by Tom Pedersen   [ updated Nov 12, 2011, 3:59 AM ]
I was recently asked to review options for "Remote Controlling" a PC by a buddy/client and was amazed by the number of alternatives (I've used VNC for >decade).  As usual, there are plenty of published opinions, reviews, "Top 10" lists and such, so I boiled it down to simplify things. Here's the who/what/why/how based on my research ... hope it helps.

Who:    LogMeIn, Inc. -

What:   LogMeIn Pro - simple access to remote computers, including provisions for file transfer, mapped network drives, remote printing and more.  There is also a VERY functional FREE version, but Pro offers the compelling feature set and a reasonable annual subscription.     

Why:   LogMeIn (LOGM) - a healthy, well focused public company led by original founders with an excellent market footprint. Products are well designed and performed nicely on platforms we anticipate using (ipad, android, mac and PC).  Product strategy, architecture and implementation were all very impressive.   The company also appears to have a good handle on cloud computing from both business and technology perspectives.

How:    Quickstart for do-IT-yourselfers

  • Plan!  Identify systems and functions you will need to access with emphasis on security.  As with ALL cloud applications, review LogMeIn Security and Privacy posture to ensure adequate coverage based on your needs.  Seek HELP if you are uncomfortable with this step - there are plenty of excellent LogMeIn tutorials, user communities and resources.

  • Install.  On the 'Host' computer (i.e. the system that will be accessed remotely), install LogMeIn...
    (see also LogmeIn Pro Getting started Guide or Full PDF Users Guide for complete details
    1. Create a LogMeIn Account HERE ("Access Computers" button)  
    2. Log in to new account via, clink "Add Computer" button
    3. Clink the "Download Now" button and follow subsequent prompts (e.g. "RUN" to install)

  • Access.  From remote/client computer... 
    1. Log in to using account created during installation
    2. "My Computers" will now list your Host systems, clink the "Remote Control" button
    3. Access Host computer using local usercode/password (e.g. Windows credentials) 
There are plenty of configuration and usage options to explore - see the Users Guide. Take time to carefully review security preferences and maintain tight security with a tool like this. Consider security patterns and safeguards used in highly regulated industries like Healthcare/HIPPA. Just be careful!

Enough ... Hope it helps