Head Back Into The Cloud

posted Feb 26, 2011, 3:54 AM by Tom Pedersen
After a long/fun winter, it's time to catch up on activities in the Cloud.  It has been very difficult to avoid Cloud Computing hype since the topic seems to be hitting most major non-techie business pages - even TV commercials and large ads in the WSJ.  Sooooo .... I decided to take a look around and put together a reading list to help get my head back into the clouds ... 
  1. The Cloud Computing Use Cases Discussion Group (cloudusecases.org) posted the Final Draft of a paper called "Moving to the Cloud".  It's a short (20 page), easy read, nicely done - and badly needed.  
  2. NIST (my favorite) seems to have been busy ... www.nist.gov/itl/cloud/
    • Special Publication (SP) 800-145:  Cloud Computing Definition 
      A quick read (5 pages or so).  At first glance, it seems that NIST finally got around to adding a cover page and classification number to the definition and publishing as an official DRAFT.  It is important to review/understand since it seems to be the widely accepted definition of the model.
    • Special Publication (SP) 800-144:  Guidelines on Security & Privacy in Public Cloud Computing
      Also still a draft, and bit bit longer (60 pgs), but also a VERY important Cloud consideration.
    • Cloud Computing Collaboration Site @ collaborate.nist.gov/twiki-cloud-computing
      A wiki that seems to be pulling together government activites, working groups, events, projects, etc.  The Reference Architecture Activity looks particularly interesting - A Strawman Reference Model!
  3. Microsoft's Economics of the Cloud Whitepaper - good topic, typically an easy read (20 pgs or so)