iTunes Music on an Android Device

posted Jul 3, 2011, 5:36 AM by Tom Pedersen   [ updated Jul 10, 2011, 5:21 PM ]
Based on a number of recent conversations, here are findings and recommendations for syncing iTunes music to an Android device.  A very easy way to carry a few tunes around and/or reduce the number of gizmos we lug around. 

A VERY quick search for iTunes/Android music sync programs returned a remarkable number of excellent options.  DoubleTwist appeared to be a forerunner and met my initial requirements - Simple & Free with    PC/Mac versions. Here are notes from installation, setup and usage.

1. On Mac/PC that manages/hosts your iTunes library (<5 Mins)

a. Set up an iTunes Playlist specifically for the Android. 
    // Start with a few songs in playlist - Android storage is likely limited //
b. Download the DoubleTwist Client - Free Version (<1M)
c. Follow Setup 'wizard' dialog and launch DoubleTwist Application

2. On Android Device (<1min)

a. Connect Android via USB cable
    //  Commercial (paid) version of DoubleTwist also supports WiFi "AirSync" //
b. When prompted, touch "Turn on USB storage" on the Android screen
    // Refer to Android 2.3 User Guide if necessary // 
c. Android screen will display "USB storage in use" when connection is complete
    // Android will also be accessible as a external storage device - like a memory stick //
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3. On Mac/PC, when Android appears as DoubleTwist Device

a. Select "Music" tab and Check "Sync music to my device"        box
b. Check "Only the selected" radio button and check iTunes        playlist defined in 1a above.
c. Press "Sync" button in lower right corner of DoubleTwist window

That should be it ... remember to "Turn off USB Storage" on your Android before disconnecting

  • It may take a few minutes to sync, depending on the number of songs in your playlist.
  • Not sure how iTunes podcast subscriptions work, I suspect you will need to subscribe podcasts destined for the Android using DoubleTwist to keep up with episodes
  • There is a DoubleTwist Music player in the Android Market, but default Android Music App seems to work fine.
  • iTunes store purchases (DRM Music) do not appear to be available ... as expected