Article Ratings & Site Usage

 articles, answers, suggestions and recommendations provided on this site are to be used entirely at your own risk.  

MANY articles or procedures were inspired by specific requests by family, friends or clients.  I will attempt to generalize, but please recognize than most situations are unique. 

Refer to the Article Rating legend below to assess a procedure in light of your technical abilities, but use common sense - don't attempt procedures if you are uncomfortable with any of the steps.  If you have a question, comment or need clarification - stop and ask for help

IT is what IT is

Article Rating Symbols

The article rating system chosen for this site is based on the Color-Shape system used to rate pistes by the North American Alpine Ski resorts.   The symbols below provide an indication of technical level-of-difficulty associated with the articles, procedures or commentary on this site.   

Easiest (Hopefully).    HowTo/Procedure intended for beginner/non technical compooter users.  

Intermediate.  Some computer technical know-how expected/required to perform procedure.

More Difficult.  Topic is complex or unsettled - foundational techno-smarts required.
Advanced.  HowTo/Procedure probably contains complicated techno-maneuver or know-how.
Experts Only.  The procedure is tricky, confusing or simply complex - expertise required.
BE CAREFUL!  May be included to signify hidden hazards or danger - proceed with CAUTION.   

Topical Symbols

Topic is associated with Cloud Computing ... Sad, but likely nebulous for a while!
First aid or fix, quite likely for a specific problem or situation ... will attempt to generalize