Shared Folders using Google Apps/Docs/Drive

posted Aug 5, 2012, 3:47 AM by Tom Pedersen   [ updated Sep 2, 2012, 7:29 AM ]
Sharing in Google Apps is pretty simple for Google document and spreadsheet users - actually a very nice collaboration tool.  Google Drive adds a new dimension by allowing users to access shared files or folders using a  native desktop (Windows, Mac or Mobile).   It's not iCloud, in terms of simplicity or functionality, but can be used to shuttle files between users or machines.  Here's a quick step-by-step for a buddy, hopefully useful to others also.

Sharing a Google Docs Folder

  1. Log in to Google Apps via gmail then click on "Docs" or "Drive" in the ribbon across the top of the page.
  2. Upgrade to New Look If you don't see "My Drive" in the left navigation (under Create button)
    Setting 'Gear'
    Click on the Gear icon in upper right of Google Drive screen and select "Upgrade to new Look".   This will change the look/feel of the Google docs interface - a tad more complicated & less intuitive - Google Help!   
  3. Click "Create" button and select "Folder" and name your new folder share.  The new folder will be listed under "My Drive" WHEN you expand the list - see area #1 in image to the right.
  4. Highlight the new folder and click on the triangle to the right (#2 in example) to access/adjust folder options
  5. Select "Share" on the Menu and click on the triangle to the right (#3) to adjust "Sharing Settings".
  6. Enter the list of people/groups you'd like to share with.  You may need to step through this Google Doc Sharing tutorial.  Make sure you send notifications to each participant, shared folders are not obvious in the "new Look".
  7. Download and install Google Drive (#4) for native access from your desktop or mobile device.  

Considerations & Cautions 

That's it ... a bit more complicated than it should be, but I hope this helps.  As always feel free to offer thoughts, suggestions or changes.