Step-by-Step: YouTube Channel with Multiple Managers

posted Mar 29, 2014, 4:08 PM by Tom Pedersen
This 'quick' 9-Step was developed for a couple of friends who were attempting to create YouTube Channels for their organizations. The YouTube procedure to accomplish this is remarkably complicated and confusing due to a recent change that integrated YouTube with Google+.  Here's some background followed by the set of steps I recorded while performing this awkward maneuver.  I hope it helps.

The following step-by-step was created after fumbling through existing guides and HowTo videos that appear to have predated the YouTube/Google+ integration. There may be alternate paths/procedures to accomplish, but this seemed to be the least number of steps.  It will hopefully become obsolete when Google cleans up the YouTube/Google+ jumble.  

The goal was to create a YouTube Channel for an organization that would be managed (video uploads) by multiple individuals.  This feature of YouTube has been available for some time, but changed considerably in late 2013 when Google began intertwining YouTube and Google+.  This 'integration' seems to have created somewhat of a rats-nest of Google accounts, YouTube channels, and Google+ pages and profiles.

Notes & Resources

  • You'll need a Google account that will be used to anchor the Youtube Channel. For non-profits, it would be highly recommended that this account be managed by a permanent employee as opposed to a short-termer or volunteer.
  • Your YouTube channel WILL have a Google+ page associated with it, READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE
  • Get Personalized help from Google if you configure yourself into a corner!  (interesting find!)
  • If you are helping others, consider working through the steps below then Transfer Ownership of the Channel 

  1. Sign in to YouTube.  Use a gmail address associated with the company/organization.

  2. Click on the gear (settings) icon in upper right, then highlight & click "Dashboard".  You will hopefully be prompted to create your channel.

  3. Click "Create a Channel", but be careful when following the link to "Set up your channel on YouTube" screen (see right) ... click on the nondescript link "To use a business or other name click hereto create and properly name an organizational page. Google Help HERE [Yeesh!] 

  4. The "Create a new channel" dialog will be used to name and classify your channel.

    I'd recommend using your organization name for the channel name since this will likely become your Google+ presence. Select "Company, Institution or Organization" category and appropriate  content rating (any age, 18+, 21+, etc). Now's your chance to accept the Google+ Pages Terms of Service before continuing.

    More information on Connecting Channels to Google+ HERE

  5. That's it!BUT ... Using YouTube will never be the same!  More Google Help HERE

  6. To add another manager to the channel you'll need to dig back into settings, first on YouTube, then on Google+.  Click the gear icon again, and highlight/click on "YouTube Settings

  7. Follow the "Add or remove managers" link back to Google+.  Google Help HERE

  8. FINALLY, click the "Add Manager" button in upper right of subsequent screen to send an email invitation to the unsuspecting colleague who will help manage the YouTube channel.  It would be advisable to warn him/her first because the email does not currently mention YouTube, simply an invite to manage a Google+ page!   Google Help HERE

    Note that you can only delegate to Google account holders (Gmail, Google Apps, Google+, etc).   They will also be assimilated into the Google+ world!  You may want to apologize for this when you pre-warn of the cryptic invite. 

  9. That's it.  Learn more about Managing YouTube Channels HERE